CypherHackz.Net is PR3?

Just received good news from Menj. He said that Google is on their way in updating website PR and my website is granted with PR3. I was shocked when he told me about it. He gave me the link to check the PR. I was so excited but when I checked the result, hurm…all datacenters were showing N/A.

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But then after about 3 hours later, I went back to that page and bump! it displays 3 for my website. Although other datacenters display N/A but there are some datacenters showing 3 for CypherHackz.Net.

I expected I will get back my PR5 but I only get PR3. Well it is not too bad. Atleast Google has give back the PR after been penalised by them for selling text link ads. Now what I need to do is to get more backlinks.

How about you guys? Have any good news?

Latest Status

Here is the latest status for my websites.

So my web directory got the highest PR for this update. Cool! Although it is new (launched on December 2007) but Google give PR4 for this directory. Congrats to Need Backlinks Web Directory. 😉


  1. Aku pun pelik.. Apsal cepat sgt lak update.. Tak ape2 perubahan besar dekat aku..Aku ingat google saje2 kot..

  2. i’m still waiting and hope.

  3. Mine is PR3 as well! 😀

  4. #Overclock – Aku dapat perubahan yang sangat besar dekat directory aku. Hu3.

    #Fahmishah – Maybe it takes some time to update your PR.

    #Ashrufzz – Hey, congrats buddy! Nice job! 😀

  5. Aku perasan tadi..Ape lagi.. Try ler buat design power2.. Dah boleh buat duit dah tu kalu pr4.. Aku pr3 pun dah steady..:))

  6. eh. What the use of page rank? What happen the higher our pagerank? I checked my blog PR and got 4. What does that mean?
    and… dari ari tu dah nak tanya tentang blog desk tu…YM aku salu putus.

  7. congrats buddy i got a PR4…

  8. #Overclock – Yang tu pun takde orang nak submit. Macam mananye brader. Hu3.

    #elvinado – Just to show how popular yang website is. It based on algorithms that Google use.

    #Techblissonline – Hey, congrats to you. PR4 eh? I will try to beat yours on next PR update. :p

  9. Ade certain page hang yang lain pr4..
    Aku bengang pasal directory aku sepatut nyer backlink dah boleh reach pr5 tapi dok pr3 gak.. Tapi aku gembira lak sebab ade satu blog aku yang lame tak update dari pr4 naik pr5.. Hu huaa.. Google buat experiment jer nih.. Tak caye kite tgu dua tiga hari lagi..:D

  10. Yang tu dulu PR6 tu. Tapi dah turun jadi N/A. Pastu naik balik jadi PR4. Hu3. Harap-harap next PR update jadik pulak PR5. He3.

  11. Cool!! I’m a PR4 now….

  12. kat webdirectory tu tak der yang percuma erk..ko buat le yang percuma 🙂

  13. #danny – Hey, congratulations! 😀

    #kita – Cuba baca entri ini. Ada list of free web directory. 😉

  14. No change for me.

  15. saya pon pr3

  16. tapi warna oren lagi

  17. ehehehe…saya pon da dapat PR1 ari ni..epi gile !!! bawu 3 bulan je wat blog ni…syukur….ehehe 🙂

  18. mine still in pr3..nothing changed.. 🙂

  19. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, awesome blog!