Useless Link Detector Tool

My website got PR3 from the recent PR update. As we already know, to get the PR is easy but to maintain it is really difficult. It is really hard to maintain your PR especially when you got higher. Therefore, you need to find out what are the criterias that will effect your PR.

A theory which has been proven right say that a website which has useless link can harmful your PR. So we need to make sure that our website is clean from those useless links. But how we can find out which links are useless and which are not?

Useless Link Detector Tool is a free service that will analyze your website and will tell you which links are useless. Go to that page, enter your website URL and it will scan your website for useless links. Once it finished, it will display all useless links that it found like this.


I don’t think all the links it found are useless. As suggested by Jacky Supit, you need to put nofollow attribute at those links if you want to keep them on your website. I already did that but Useless Link Checker still detects them as useless links. Perhaps I need to split them to other places.

Check your website with this tool. Who knows, maybe you had accidentally left useless links on your website and harmful your pagerank.


  1. omg! my feed links also is useless..i think this is not 100% accurate.this is just a system

  2. great info