Shutdown Day – A day without PC

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Here is the deal. Do you dare to shutdown your PC and will not touch it within 24 hours?

Some of you may say, “Of course I can. I still can breath even I throw away the PC”. But maybe some of you will immediately say, “No! I can’t live without my PC. Please let us live together…”

Well, there is a challenge for those who are computer geeky, computer lover or anyone who using computers everyday in their life. I challenge you to shutdown your PC and don’t ever touch or use any computers within 24 hours start on Shutdown Day (24 March 2007). If you can cut your hand away from keyboard and mouse, I admit you are cool. :p

Cypher: I don’t think I can keep my PC off more than 8 hours. [tags]shutdown, pc[/tags]

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  1. a day without PC…can ah? :((

  2. Impossible as it may seem, but I will try my best. There are 20% chances that I can stay alive without touching Computer on that day ! 😛

    BTW … This is interesting, to have such a day !

  3. seems to be similar to the “don’t touch yout camera”-day in may. that’s nothing for me.

  4. [Comment ID #24971 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ofcourse you can… :p

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    wondering what you will do on that day. ha3.

    [Comment ID #25792 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you don’t want to participate in? 😕

  5. possible … if I am away on that day. Since march 24 falls on saturday there is high probability. Anyway a challenge without incentive is not cool :-\”

  6. 24 hours? you will go out for 24 hours and not touching your comp? :-\”