The Shutdown Day – I cannot!

Today is 24th March 2007 and for those who already know, today is the Shutdown Day.

I voted for “I can” but when the day comes, I can’t turn off my PC and I still online till now. And I want to tell you that, this computer has not been shutdown since 2 days ago. Ho3.

So, how about you? Shut it off or keep it on? Hmm…let me guess. I think you are one of those who vote for “I cannot” cause you are still online, right? ;)) [tags]shutdown, pc, shutdown day[/tags]


  1. Same here man. Just can’t get offline for a day.

    I was sleeping the whole day but had a long list of downloads.

  2. shutdown my lappy? never man! :-\”

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    i did many times before. i let my pc on while i’m sleeping. download movies. he3.

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    owh…you are using laptop eh?

  4. yep…no pc & no adsl 🙁

    thinking to try linux… any suggestion on what distro should i use? ubuntu? red hat?


  5. i never use any linux distro yet. ask novatech. he had familiar with ubuntu i guess. :d/

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    go for Ubuntu or OpenSuse 10.2. These are good for new adapters.

  7. i have ubuntu live cd. but because i use usb keyboard, i can’t use it when it doesn’t detected by ubuntu.