Shutdown Day 2008

shutwdownday2008If you are still remember, I have wrote an article about Shutdown Day last year. For those who missed the day, here is your chance. The Shutdown Day is back!

This 3rd May 2008, come and join us. Shut down your PC and don’t ever think to boot it or use it. Your PC want to get sleep and have a good rest, so let it be.

Currently there are about 5000 people have voted for Yes and 380 people say No. So choose which part you want to be.


  1. Easy. Just go “balik kampung” and don’t ever bring your computer or notebook back!

  2. fauzi boleh tukar linkblog tak? ni link dia

  3. yes i can…..jhahahaa..

  4. #Syahid – Ha3. Brilliant idea. :p

    #sarah – Sorry. This website does not accept link exchange. My other websites will do. 😉

    #adib – Cool! 😀

  5. Yes…Thank you my PC

  6. shutdownday?wow!..but won’t do it..i mean i shut down my office pc when i go back home,ensure all my electrical appliance to be used properly..but for a day? nope i won’t.i am in a ‘live operations’ working area..

  7. Good idea but its very hard for me…everyday I have to switch on my notebook, 🙁

  8. Yup. Me too. I don’t think I can participate in. One day without computer, I am sure it will be so boring.

  9. Hmm this might be a tough one for me, but its a great idea.