Packing Away from Celcom Broadband

I have been using Celcom broadband for more than one year and six months already. Although Celcom broadband sometimes give me some headache, but I still can struggle and survive until now.

Since Celcom enforcing their Fair Usage Policy on Excessive Usage (page 8 of 10) a few months ago (I think early of this year), it becomes a problem to me. Celcom only provides 5GB data usage monthly. If you exceeded the usage limit, your internet speed will be cut down and it will become slower and slower. At the end, you can only open Yahoo! page in your dream and not with Celcom broadband.

I have make many problem reports to Celcom since the first time I use their broadband service. Every time I make a report, they will solve the problem quickly. They took about one to two days to fix the issue. That is the only reason why I stay with Celcom Broadband.

I usually face problem with the slow internet connectivity. It is very common problem with Celcom broadband. I think all of Celcom broadband users have experience in facing this type of problem.

But when they start enforcing the Fair Usage Policy , you will get slow internet connection and this time, they will not fix the problem even you have make thousands of report. They purposely slow down your speed to ensure all their users get same connection speed.

So now, I am thinking to move to another provider. Not sure yet whether want to subscribe for Streamyx or Wimax. I heard Wimax is better than Streamyx. Still thinking which one should I choose. Hurm…



  2. budakccns says:

    Salam again,

    According to my lecturer information, he told that Wimax will facing problem to load or unload while raining. But the company still execute some research in order to solve this problem. Just to share. (My english is not good so if got any confusing with the sentence just give me an email hehehehehe)

  3. WiMax is still in its infancy and some of my friends who tried said they got a rather sloppy connection especially at night and places further away from the city. Better stick to tried & tested Celcom or Maxis.

  4. holaBola says:

    i use celcom broadband too, and satisfied with their service.. but if you need more than 5GB every month you have no choice but to find other provider..

  5. my maxis broadband connection. Huawei E220 USB Modem

  6. Hi , The same problem here with Maxis . I am using Maxsis Broad band for last one and half year ,The speed turns down by the end of every month ,I could not figure out the reason ,and recently I suspect the fair usage policy may be the reason ,but after reading your article ,Yes that is the reason. Me too should find some better service to do more blogging. WiMax I don’t recommend as it is new and still needs improvement.

  7. ahmadalbab says:

    kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak selesaikan masalah berkaitan internet ni jgn la malu2 untuk hubungi aku….

  8. I was just thinking of switching to Celcom or thanx a lot guys for some infos on the weaknesses of using any of these. Currently, am using streamyx (it has been 2 years) which gives me less headache, it’s just a matter of slow connection anyway. Probably I need to upgrade it then.

  9. 5Gb / Month ?? damn

    statistics report only for current session ( 9 days without reboot ) a total of 600 GB upload+download

    guess we have better connections here in Romania

    my connection is fiber (5MB/s + metropolitan 100MB/s) + digital TV+ 1 GSM phone + 1 cable phone=20Euro


    forgot to add an USB stick with 3 GB/month at 7.2Mb/s and after 3GB gets lowered to 128KB/s

  11. This celcom should be bann from doing the business, useless and has no moral in doing business or now they not really intrested to do telecomunication business…. try furniture business

  12. Mirza Ismail says:

    dont trust the celcom adverts!!!And their customer service very bad and rude..One time my friend and I went to my workplace and saw a young man with CELCOM logo on the right side of his crappy jacket. He said to my buddy “Encik, gunalah celcom broadband ia ada UNLIMITED BANDWITH dan mencapai hingga 4 mbps sesaat!!!” and my friend and i was tricked into the crap that he lied about..we went to the nearest celcom store and the counter girl said…ENCIK BELILAH Celcom Broadband Unlimited package! RM 200 lebih sahaja!! So my buddy bought two of them..we went to my house and tried the connection!!! MAN IT WAS FAST! we were impressed and continued to use it ! After 3 days celcom sent a message to me saying…You have exceeded the 5gb usage we now have the right to control ur speeds thank u! WTF SO MUCH FOR UNLIMITED BAND WITH!! that man lied to us and we called and terminated and the girl told me that we will get the freakin money we gave to the crap company the girl said you have to pay 300 rm to terminate sir!!because you havent exceeded 1 year yet!!! and 200more for the charge of terminating too earlY!! i was mad as fuck!! SO PLEASE DONT SUBSRIBE TO SIALCOM BROADBAND!