Welcome P1 Wimax!

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Today, I went to IT Hypermarket at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara to register for P1 Wimax. Actually, I have been thinking to move from Celcom Broadband to P1 Wimax since two months ago. You can refer to my entry here.

What you need to prepare is just bring your MyKad and also driving license for registration. The registration fee is only RM100. After you have paid the registration fee, you will get the P1 Wimax modem and can start using P1 Wimax after one hour later.

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RM60 which is for the activation fee will be charged in your first bill together with the monthly service charge, RM99 (depends on the package you choose). I subscribed for Home – Plus package because I want the speed of 1.2Mpbs with 20GB monthly usage.

So far, I am very satisfied with the speed. Very fast compare to Celcom Broadband. But sometimes the speed will decrease from 180kbps something to 70-80kpbs. But I think it is still acceptable because if with Celcom, I will get around 10kpbs only. Which is BS!


  1. u didn’t get the WiFi built-in modem for your package?

  2. Thats the problem. I was stupid enough for choosing the modem without wifi. 🙁

  3. i hope that p1wimax will not be as some berukband with BS tag….

    jangan la kau slow tgh2 org mula syok kt wimax nih…aku pon suka…20gb tu..kalau nk download pon aku rasa masih ada lg spare bandwidth…

  4. I had to let them go. The service in my area sucked and there was no way for them to fix it without adding a big antenna on my room… 🙁

  5. i think you can get a free upgrade for the modem with wifi…just go to the P1 center just beside the federal highway..call them to confirm first….

  6. I have returned the modem to the HQ. 🙁 Now have to wait untill the balance in my account is zero and then I can re-register for the Wifi modem.

  7. Hi CypherHackz,

    i’m nic, if you wan to apply P1 Wimax,
    i can help you to apply.
    if you interest, pls kindly contact me

  8. HeartSick says:

    I’m suffering for registering Wimax. Have to pay the bill in advance, but the service is damn poor. Already lodged complaint with MCMC.

  9. Jason Lim says:

    Im using Maxis broadband too, USB modem.

    For me its not enough because Maxis only provide 5GB fair usage policy limit. Im a heavy internet user with streaming Utube and stuffs.

    True the speed is extremly slow at the end of month, will see how fast will it goes at the beginning of the month.

    Planning to apply P1 Wimax , waiting more comments on wimax.
    Dunno how much the speed will be for P1 wimax after exceed the fair usage policy ? its say 400kbps – will i get like 40kbps download speed?

    By the time being, i will stick to Maxis broadband even the speed is slow 10-20kbps.

  10. arieyanna says:

    i duk area bukit mahkota bangi..tp P1 still x de line lg..

  11. Malaysia hve to do something with their connection…i jst nonsense subcribing <100 4 3mb per month…take a look at other country,tak a look at india now they are much better in services dont u think so???

    regard wishiliveitkorea9818

  12. it not i error typing sry

  13. Too bad. It still don’t have coverage on my place. 😛

  14. I’ve been using MAXIS BB for sometime now and exceed the probation period. I’m used to be a happy customer with Maxis BB. But the sad story started to glow when I found out that they didn’t allowed Torrent..bump! And lately, Oct’09, they started to block Rapidshare, Megaupload, and such all together.. WTF!!

    It’s time to switch. P1 WiMax seems to sound good to my ears.. hopefully.. and now still doing some research on it’s performance.. maybe I should try it for a week trial period.

  15. Hi,

    For those who are interested to apply P1 WIMAX or CELCOM Broadband you may sms your address to 0172155790. We will get it done for you.

  16. kajangrose says:

    My experience with PI Wi max sucks!. The first two weeks after subsciption, very difficult to get connection. after that good & laju for 2 weeks. But now 3 weeks,no connection at all. already complained here, there everywhere still no improvements! please be careful. My brother’s friend also have the same problem, initially connection good then later none at all so much so he returned the modem already.
    Mind you, i did not exceed the 5G limit at all.

    • Yes Kajangrose..100% agree with u. Mne suxxs too.. 1st day trial.. no connection at all.. Phone up the Help Line.. and got superb Funny question… “I think you area has no coverage la sir..” WTF!! if no coverage, then what the hell I go and subscribe in 1st place!!

      Hello..it’s IT age.. of cos la I go and check my area coverage 1st before I subscribe.

      After the 5th day with no connection at all.. I potong! the WiMax..! puas hati aku..

  17. irene wong says:

    i dont know how to bank in…can give guidance???

  18. Fauziana says:

    where i can get my P1 bill?

  19. erwan bin abu says:

    kenapa setiap hujung bulan p1 lembab macam sial? tiap2 bulan saya bayar tak pernah lambat.due date saya 15hb.tapi sms 5 hb,kan mcm sial tu.

  20. P1 Buster says:

    sama mcm aku…sial gila P1 ni…now they have a new modem..when i asked can i change to this new modem..they ask me to buy it at rm399…WTF….then if im a home lite user…i can upgrade to home plus and get the modem for free….fucker laa..im already a plus user la…why people who subscribe lower pakage can easily get the privilege….

    dah lah lembab….

  21. P1 or..... says:

    OK, I am a P1 WIMAX Home Lite user, with a (FUP), you all can’t download BITtorrent. First time I discover P1, I quit using Streamyx because i thought p1 can better than that. But it did not turn out as i expected. Yeah, after exceed FUP, log in into facebook is a problem as it is soooooooo slow. but if you still remain in FUP, yes, it is fast…..(THAN STREAMYX)

  22. Yau Beed Wah says:

    i need yr company to send the detail of my account in my new email address : yaubeedwah@gmail.com

  23. pakchiqjams says:

    Pasal apa download utorrent slow gilalgilllalala… tolong!!!

  24. Nur mawarni says:

    Bcos of very difficult to get a signal, I need to terminate the service,please call me 019-9891333

  25. wan bakar wan daud says:

    how to get topup in kedah Changlon or jitra or alor star give me contact no

  26. naniksimon says:

    i cant login to p1 wimax account.

  27. where to pay my 1st bill? i i pay through pos office, bank ?

  28. abdul rahman bin mohamed noor says:

    saya rasa tertipu oleh P1Wimax kerana tidak pernah mendapat perkhidmatan yang diberikan manakala bila call asyik tak dapat justeru itu saya mau tamatkan perkhidmatan dan mau duit dikembalikan

  29. abdul rahman bin mohamed noor says:

    P1 Wimax ni wujud or tidak sebab call centre tak pernah dapat

  30. abdul rahman bin mohamed noor says:

    pulangkan duit deposit saya dan ambil balik broadband P1 wimax tu sebab sampai sekarang saya tak pernah gunapun kerna tiada fungsi, saya tertipu

  31. Majmin Md Hamsa says:

    I’m not happy with p1 wimax ‘coz i was forced to pay the courier charges to send over the broadband for a week free trial it seems but never bothers to alert us by one of the customer service officer (whom i know the name but would not want to mention). Simply said everything for free but finally when i returned the broadband without opening it & did signed the termination form yet charged me RM32.55. I did spoke to the helpline twice and they promised to waive the charges but still disconnect my line for 8 days. I faced lot of problem in that 8 days and after a frustration I paid.

    I promised to myself never recommend P1 Wimax to any of my friends. I’m not happy at all with the service and sometimes I’m facing connection problem too at my area.

    Tell the truth so that people will feel satisfied.

  32. Loh Kim Foong says:

    Hello Ms/Mr.,

    I have been getting smses of another person’s payment. This account belongs to ADRIAN YONG. I requested the office not to send me any of his message but they keep on sending and it is very disturbing. I always top up my account like RM20 or RM30.00 at the nearby stall. This account P1 WIMAX (B1-9542647) IS NOT MIND. I DONT HAVE ANY ACCOUNT WITH THIS OFFICE.

    I even called up last year to talk to the staff (a malay girl) and nothing was done.

    I have asked Annie to stop this and the next day the sms came again.

    Can you people have mercy on this poor old lady who just want to receive sms from my children only.

    Hope with this message you can solve this.

    Thank you.

  33. saya tidak berpuas hati, tertekan dan sedih dgn PI Ymax, dah minta saya beli secara paksa, manis mulut, saya sudah bagitahu tempat saya tiada line or cverage, operator yang jual kata x pe bila akak keluar bandar atau jalan luar nati boleh guna, apa yang jadi sekarang duit habis, P! tersebut x pernah dapat saya gunakan sebab saya berada bkerja di luar kawasan. Yang membuat saya marah tiba2 saya mendapat notis minta dibayar dan skrang dah overdue RM 1500 mana saya nak bayar sdangkan gaji sya sdikit dan x pernah guna langsung P!. Knpa x bagitahu dulu kalau x guna pun tetap kena bayar macam bil telefon, bila saya cakap kalau saya beli tapi x dpat guna,bulan2 x payah bayar dia x nak cakap pulak tu. Skrang saya yang kena tanggung. so apa yang saya nak buat sekarang????????Tolong cari operator yang jujur dgn plaggan bukan manis mulut tp akhirnya pelanggan yang susah

    • tu lah problemyer kdg operator ni janji manis… lgi bagus kalau nk beli p1 wimax dekat kdai nyer trus. saya cadangkan awak terminate dlu p1wimax klau kontrak dah abis and try byr ansur-ansur dlu

  34. jangan langgan p1 wimax ni..
    babi pukimak sial p1
    tipu org

  35. saya nak terminate P1 saya la…. please help me….. betul ke kalau nak terminate perlu bayar RM300? rugi la macam 2…. P1 yg xda contract pn perlu bayar ke?

    • x silaplah yg x der kontrak x payah cus my mom just byr bill bulanan and trus byr untuk pkai yg bru nyer

  36. macam mane saya nak bayar p1 nie???tunggu surat tak sampai2 pon..plezz reply this k…macam mane nak bayar kat pejabat pos??help me……..

  37. hey guys, i purchase a p1wimax with wifi and i need to registere it
    the problem is where to. if any of you know how to please email me. aishahazman96@yahoo.com

  38. INSAN KECEWA says:


  39. sorry…sakit hati sgt2 dgn service p1 wimax.. u all x payah la jual broadband kalo x service xckup bagus.

  40. kenapa wifi 4g tak boleh nak connect ? orang p1 wimax cakap boleh tapi sebenarnya takboleh .. mohon cepat baiki kan p1 4g nih lah ..

  41. The Epiloque says:

    in still newbies…i wan know ..where i can register P1..and this P1 package can burden me or not???

  42. The Epiloque says:

    hi guys….1 more question…i should register or no this p1 package??

  43. tak payah bayar dan pergi buat repot polis. buat demonstrasi. belasah bos dia. bakar spender diorang. kalau ade promoter yg manis mulut, korek taik hidung pastu sapu kat mulut dia confirm dia jujur pastu.

  44. zalaludin says:

    line lembab sangat …. siput lg laju brjalannnn… hahahahah……. potong stim,,,, mmg potonggg ponnnnn guuhhhh

  45. naga gaban says:

    asal dah bayar bil pun still slow,,,,lambat byr kena bar……tlg bgtau skit….

  46. xpyhla wey..umh aku drpd streamyx tuka ke p1wimax..lg bes streamyx..byr pon lbih kurang je..p1wimax ni seolah2 byr beratus utk 2-3 hari gune (aku ni sntiasa gune tenet) lpastu lmbab nk mampus mcm gune dial up je..cume xbising mcm dial up mcm zaman dulu2..tiap kali nk bukak tenet je punye lame nk bukak 1 website pon..mcm nk nak baling je bende modem tu