How to Subscribe RSS Feed?

Some of you may already know what is RSS feed and know how to subscribe them. But I’m sure some of you don’t know what exactly RSS feed and how you can use them as a loyal reader or visitor. But I will not discuss what is RSS here because you can learn it by asking Mr Google or you can read directly from here.

So, in this post I will teach you or I will guide you on how to subscribe RSS feed. But first, you need to get a RSS link and a feed aggregator or some peoples call them as a feed reader.

To get RSS link, usually it marks with these images or just a text like this.

RSS Feed

Just copy the URL and paste it in your feed reader. In this how-to, I will use two softwares as for the example. FeedReader (freeware) and FeedDemon (shareware). So, we will have two sections here.

Let’s start our how-to with FeedReader. 🙂

How to subscribe RSS Feed using FeedReader?

1. First and foremost, you need to download FeedReader and install it. Once installed, run the software and you will get this screenshot.


2. Then, click on New and choose New Feed.


3. Now we are going to subscribe a RSS feed. I’m using my RSS feed here. Copy this URL and paste in the Add Feed form.


4. Press Enter and wait for FeedReader to finish gather all informations from the site you are subscribing. In this case, my site feed. Once finished, you will get this small alert at the bottom right of your screen.


5. Now, you have susccessfully subscribe a site feed and be one of the loyal reader. :d


How to subscribe RSS Feed using FeedDemon?

1. Get a copy of FeedDemon. Install and run the application.


2. Click on Subscribe and choose New Subscription. You will get this pop up and click Next.


3. Enter the feed url you want to subscribe. For this example, I will use my site feed. Copy this URL and paste it in the form. Click Next.


4. Once FeedDemon finished download all the feeds, you will have an option whether you want to put the new subscribed feed in an existing folder or you can create a New Folder for it.


5. Same as FeedReader, you will get an alert each time there is new update available from the feeds you are subscribing. Here is the screenshot when you had successfully subscribe the RSS feed.


I hope with this simple tutorial, you already can start subscribing site feeds and be a loyal reader. And don’t forget to subscribe my site feed and get free updates from my website. Thank you! 😉


  1. Bro, great tutorial here. RSS always keep us updated with our favourite bookmarks. By the way, i prefer using online RSS feeder. I can read RSS everywhere i want.

    Previously i subscribed RSS feed using newsgator but now I’m using Google Reader. Simple. Yeah, it still depends on us which to use. But if it is just for the sake of reading our favourites, the simpler.. the better.

    Peace. :)>-

  2. thank you. i will add another tutorial about google reader later. 🙂

  3. Bought Feed Demon for around RM 120.I find it very handy and it even syncronizes your feed with newsgator(you must have an account) you can actually read your feeds anywhere, plus the hassle free solution of a desktop reader.There’s also another free desktop reader called YeahReader .

  4. i also use feeddemon as my primary aggregator. but at office i use google reader. :d

  5. how can i subscribe RSS