Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars Demo Screenshots

Here are some screenshots taken from the demo version as requested by Madhur Kapoor. Sorry for taking so long to update because the wireless access point that I’m always use to connect was close. And I had to connect to other access point which is much much slower.

C&C3 – Main Menu

In demo version, you can only play the GDI Campaign Demo and one skirmish map. But maybe there will be more maps available in the final release though.

Briefing for the mission

For each mission, there will be a briefing to make sure what you need to do to success the mission.

Loading time…

While waiting for the mission finish loading, you can read the information given in the display.

The gameplay

Your battlefield will look like this. As I said before, the units and structures design are fantastic. The designers who create this game really put their heart in it. I really like the look of each items in this game. Five stars to them. *Clap, clap, clap.

Overall, I can say that, the long wait for this game had been paid up. And I wish that Command & Conquer will continue their success in making real-time startegy games like this. Congrats and good luck! [tags]ea, command & conquer, tiberium wars, pc game[/tags]


  1. look’s great :d

    can’t wait for the full release heh

  2. Thanks for posting man , it definately looks good , downloading the demo right away . Btw what are the specs of your PC .

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    me either. he3.

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    you can check my pc specs at here: My Computer Specs

  4. If you like this game , you should also check out Company Of Heroes .

  5. sure. thanks for the suggestion. :d

  6. Looks good.
    Not sure if my obsolete PC can play it though.

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