Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars Demo

Have you try it yet, Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars the demo version? I did. Although it is only a demo but the graphics and gameplay are really great. I love the new design of each units and structures in this game.

The landscape, dusts flying, everything are fantastic and smooth. It’s look like a real. Because of I not playing C&C for a long time, it takes time for me to familiar with the concept use to buy and control the units. To move units from a place to a place is differ from before. You need to right-click to move them and left-click on the ground to deselect them.

The demo file size is 1.14Gb. Yea, it is really big but it is worth. I downloaded it at night so I can sleep and leave the download till it finish. You can start your download from here .

I can’t wait the final release. If my dad know about I have the demo version, I’m sure he also want to play it too. He3. :d [tags]command & conquer, pc game, tiberium wars, ea[/tags]


  1. How is the gameplay man , do post some screenshots if you can ?

  2. wah.. dah kuar ke game terbaru dari command & conquer. takpe. tunggu full dl baru aku install. uhhuhu

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    sure. i will post it in my next post. 🙂

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    baik kau test dulu dowh. best weh… :p

  4. aku tau best… tapi tunggu la full dulu n wat mase ni nak dptkan sume medal kat general… tak abis lagi pungut nih.. huhuuhuh

  5. general pun aku dah lama tak main. dulu install kat pc yang kat umah tu. hu3.

  6. jenis command n conquer yg last aku main red alert jer… :d

  7. try la main yang ni. besh dowh. tapi susah gak la… hu3.

  8. :d mcm best je…huhu

    tp kan….ak mcm dh nk bersare maen gemm….

  9. :d/…features bru & pnajenye pun bru..
    dlu game nih x silap aku Tiberium Sun….btol x??? dlu aku ade sumer dienye collections…skrg tgh tggu game trbaru nih dri thun lpas lgi…

  10. Huhuhu…lame dah aku x main game CC nie… adelah dekat 2 tahun…dulu maso blajo U…monteng je kelas gila main game..heheheh…skrg tidak lg…dah berkerjaya..

  11. so nanti if dah kuar game nih, korang try la main. :d

  12. pergh,sy mmg minat C& alert dh maen..general hour pun dh..dh tau memang nk kuar game mlas nak donlod sbb tengah2 donlod jek kuar error..server sruh restart balik..selalu jadi cam2..huhu..jdi bosan jdinye..


  13. CrossOver says:

    ok… that just suddenly switched language… and… ok… but this is an awesome game… u should get it :P:d;)

  14. nice work, bro