EditPlus – Source code editor for website programmers

escompNotepad is a software that comes with Windows. If you install Windows, Notepad will automatically install in your computer. With Notepad, you can write or open any files that you want. Some of the files are readable and some are not. Before this, I only use Notepad or sometimes Wordpad to write or edit my website source codes. But after I knew about EditPlus, I edit all of my .php and .htm files with it.

EditPlus? What is it?
EditPlus is another text editor that can do more than Notepad. You can write or modify your site files by using this powerful software. It offers many features for website authors and programmers.


Colour my code please
The best part that I love to use EditPlus is EditPlus support syntax highlighting. Not only for HTML or PHP files, EditPlus also can highlight syntax for CSS, ASP, PERL, C/C++, Java, Javascript and VBScript. And you also can create your own syntax to support other programming language. You can’t find this in Notepad though. :p

Hey, make me a backup copy first
EditPlus will make a backup copy of your files each time you save your work. It will save the backup files with extension .bak. So, if anything goes wrong, you can replace the problem files with the copies. Just remove the ending .bak extension and you are done. Your files are back to the state before they get modified.

More features
EditPlus give many features. I don’t want to list them all here because they have explained it well here. 😉

Want to get a copy?
If you want to try EditPlus, you can download it for free at EditPlus download page. The latest version is v2.21. But it is 30 days trial version only. If you want to own it, you need to pay. Well it is not cost to much compare to it features. [tags]editplus, software, text editor[/tags]

EditPlus [EditPlus Text Editor, HTML Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows]


  1. nanti aku try..

  2. try jangan tak try

  3. ako guna ultraedit…memang powerpuff sebab bole bukan sume jenis files, dlm mode hexeditor pong buleh.. penah try?? which one is better? 😕

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    tak pernah gune lagik. takpe2 nanti aku try.

  5. ultraedit aku penah gune.. tapi functionnye terlalu advance..

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    yess!! :d tu yg besh….

    er…. senarnye ako pong tak reti guna sume function dia tp.. hahahaha!!! :d

  7. aku tak dapat nak download ultraedit. server ni block r. aduh…

  8. Edit+ has many loyal supporters… and a support group on yahoo. You can get help for any problem you may encounter.

  9. Hey, thanks for the link. I am sure the group will give the best effor to help other members.

  10. Notepad++ and EditPlus are great, but NaviCoder Editor’s where it’s at for me.