Tidy-up your CSS file with Clean CSS

I coded all my themes and CSS manually by using EditPlus 2, by hand. But when coded in text editor, your code might unstructureable and will slow down your site. That is why you need something that can optimize and tidy up your files.

Here has come a website called Clean CSS. Clean CSS is a nice utility that will tidy up your CSS file and will optimize it to make your site load faster. For an example, instead of

padding-top: 10px;
padding-right: 5px;
padding-bottom: 10px;
padding-left: 5px;

Clean CSS will tidy it into like this

padding: 10px 5px 10px 5px;

Beside that, Clean CSS will remove all unnecessary things and will pack your CSS file into smaller package.

Speed Up Your Site: Optimize your CSS [via Daily Blog Tips][tags]clean css, css, cascading stylesheet[/tags]


  1. wow, very useful service. i found another site which also offer css compression (sorry, forgot the url already), but this one is better since it know how to combine similar css options into single line style 🙂

  2. I’m using Notepad++, btw, the one that yout point here is css shorthand..We can use it to margin and border properties also.. 😉

  3. i just use standard notepad. i never thought both codes was differ in term of “clean” /:)

  4. wow…just wanna release my new theme… 😀

  5. Gud tips bro..:) i’m using this tool for my code and i like it..:d

  6. font, background, padding, margin, border pun boleh buat cengitu gak.. :d

  7. yer, bende ni banyak tolong bantu percepatkan loading site aku. :d

  8. erm, actually can have a shorter, which is
    padding: 10px 5px;

    applies to
    padding-top and padding-bottom: 10px
    padding-left and padding-right: 5px

    or padding: 10px 5px 12px;
    padding-top: is 10px
    padding-left and right is 5px
    padding-bottom is 12px


  9. Albert Araalie says:

    Thanks mate!