New banner? Again?

Lol… I change my site banner again. What do you think? Theme for this banner is “Firefox rules… IE scared…” Hehehe… Before this, is One Piece theme.

Ah…beside than that, I also design new avatar, signature, site button and favicon. You can see my new favicon beside your address bar in your browser.

Cypher Firefox Small Banner

Cypher Firefox Avatar

Cypher Firefox Signature

Note: If you want to put my site small banner on your site, use this image link instead. And for those who has already put my site button, can you edit the image link with the new link. I use other extension format. Sorry and thank you!


  1. aku suka … lawa.. keep up the good work.. letakla untuk opera ngan safari sekali.

  2. hehe..bagus2..change is only thing that constant

  3. [Comment ID #8067 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hu3. Kalau Opera ngan Safari aku takde la gambar die. Tu pun aku amik dari wallpaper gak tu. Aku edit2 sikit.

    [Comment ID #8199 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Macih… Macih…