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Cool eh? He3. It tooks about 30 minutes to edit this and that and finally here it is. CypherHackz.Net The Cyber Pirate Island. :d Why I call it The Cyber Pirate Site? Because I like watching One Piece anime and get addict to it. Lol! Well, One Piece is a story about a young pirate, Monkey D. Luffy to be the Pirate King. His journey with his beloved nakama is full with great adventures and experiences.

I also make new small banner for my site (see below of this post). Everytime I change my banner, I also change my site small banner. But for those who already put my previous small banner at your site, you don’t need to edit the image link because I have replace it with the same name. So, it will change automatically. And because I have plenty of time to spend, I have make new avatar and signature too. What do you think? Any comments? 🙂

Small Banner

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  1. yeah…one piece saiko!!! \:d/

  2. He3. Aku dah sangkut ngan One Piece. Habis la… Hek3.