60GB Bandwidth Also Not Enough?

Last month, it was the first time my website reached to its bandwidth limit. Then, I quickly asked Sam from ServerFreak Hosting for help. Only he can help me because my hosting is sponsored by ServerFreak so only he can increase my bandwidth quota. Thanks to him, he had increased my hosting bandwidth to 60GB. So my website runs back to normal.

But today, early in the morning, when I press Enter after typing my website URL, BUMP!, I got the same error message directly to my face.


And in my email, of course I got the notification email from the server.

The domain cypherhackz.net cypher has reached its bandwidth limit (60343.61/60000.00 Megs).

Please contact the system admin as soon as possible.

I have contacted Sam and he increased the bandwidth limit to 65GB. Hope the new bandwidth limit able to support my websites in next month and future. 🙂


  1. wow, still not enough,bro? what a site. it is enough if you add 65gb? i think it’s just for a moment. why not plus another 10gb? just a suggestion…

  2. Better increase to 100GB per month for your transfer.

  3. 60GB pon x cukup lagi what the fun!!! .. get ready to become next raymond.cc lol 🙂

  4. Heh.. Tgk reader la.. Dah bercambah nampak. Eh g, website2 ko yang lain disupport bandwidth yang sama x?

  5. Itu lah kesannya apabila fofular kot. 😀

  6. Should increase more, don’t wait until bandwidth exceeded then increase a bit and a bit.

  7. Whoah!! 65 GB per month, tak cukup lagi. Ganas2. Mine 20gb pun never exceed. hehe

  8. Bukan ko cakap ada 10 website lain ke? ambik dedicated server pastuh letak suma dalam tuh.. 😀

  9. Maybe some of you misunderstood my post. Actually the 60GB bandwidth usage is not only from CypherHackz.Net but it is the total usage from my other 9 or 10 websites that I hosted on ServerFreak hosting..

  10. no wonder . its for 9 or 10 websites. hmm…would that still be enough for future..hehe. hopefully. u must have made a lot of $$$ from that 10 web. eeheheheh

  11. budakbaru says:

    As we know nice planning will produced nice return…. Nice skill we produced nice income la taukey hahahahhaa

  12. dude, im just waiting for the next post saying “75gb bandwith also not enough”!!

    great site.. congrats… that might be the reason why the hosting is not enough, i know i have beeen here since like 5 am it is now 8.30 and i don’t think i’ll be leaving any time soon.

  13. up to 200Tb everyday…