50Gb of Bandwidth is Not Enough

I thought 50Gb size of bandwidth is enough to support all my websites but I was totally wrong. Today is a history for me. This is the first time I exceeded the bandwidth limit.


ServerFreak provides me 50Gb of bandwidth every month but that huge amount of bandwidth is not enough. I noticed about it when I got an email from my website.

The domain cypherhackz.net has reached its bandwidth limit (50059.23/50000.00 Megs).

Please contact the system admin as soon as possible.

!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!

Then I quickly rushed check my website and yes, it is suspended with a notification text on it. I print-screened the website as for my record.


Then, I contacted Sam, the owner of the ServerFreak and requested him to release my website. And he added 10Gb more to my bandwidth limit. Since then, my websites are ok and online as usuall. I hope that extra 10Gb bandwidth is able to handle my websites while waiting the next month to come.

But who is the culprit behind this? Tentang Cinta, a website which I developed and focus about love. It uses about 50% of the bandwidth for this month. It beats CypherHackz.Net which only use about 35% of the bandwidth.

Anyway, I hope this thing will not happen again in the future. Who want to lose visitors just for a simple problem, right? Before I end this entry, I would like to wish my thankful to Sam from ServerFreak for his great support and help.


  1. 50gb is definitely not enough for a medium blog.

  2. How many websites do you have?

  3. wow..that is quite a lot…i guess it is good news

  4. Awesome bro… all your website ate the bandwidth, 😀

    Btw, another local blogger Ah Tim also exceed the bandwidth limit and I wonder what is the monthly bandwidth limit he is getting. The error message is same as yours.

    You guys can head to http://www.ahtim.com

  5. they givE you extra bandwidth without extra recharge?
    wahh cool..

  6. #Steve Yu – I have about 11 websites. 😀

    #StuckS – Because ServerFreak sponsors this hosting. That is why they give extra bandwidth without extra charge. :p

  7. Great. I hope SF will sponsor my hosting soon, 😀

  8. server freak x nak sponsor orang lagi ke? kalau nak, saye nak.. hahaha.. ntuk scukz.com tu hah.. kecian.. cypher, tolong rekomen pls.. aku lanja la roti kirai nanti.. hehehe

  9. Good stuff man.

    I’m still working my way there 🙂

  10. In an age, when hosting services are offering BW in the range of thousands of GB, this is definitely nothing. It is bound to happen.

  11. need to get your self a dedicated server already… or i suggest use dreamhost, every week ur bandwidth will increase certain amount

  12. But I got this hosting for free. He3.

  13. wu..50gb till not enough kah? wahlau…mmg big amount tu. anyway congrat kerana mencapai had maxsimun 50gb. bukan senang nak sampai max tu..hehe