Will Firefox 3 in Guinness World Record?


Today is the day that you have been waiting for. The long waited Firefox 3 is now released publicly today. You can download the new version of Firefox at www.mozilla.com/firefox

Firefox team is trying to make a history and create a new Guinness World Record by making Firefox 3 as the most downloaded software in one day. I am sure they will able to make the new world record because there are many people around the world using Firefox. So, to achieve the target is just a piece of cake, isn’t it?

firefox-02I have downloaded and upgraded my Firefox 2 to the latest version. Actually, I have been using Firefox 3 Beta in my Ubuntu system and I thought the interface in the final release will be the same like in beta version. Surprisingly, the interface looks so much cooler than the Beta version. I am so impressed with Firefox 3.

But my favourite extension, Live PageRank, does not work in this new version of Firefox. Why I like Live PageRank is because it able to display the pagerank of the website you are viewing on the status bar. This extension is so convenient because you no need to go to pagerank checker website because this extension will check it for you. So, I hope, the extension developer can upgrade the extension so we can use the very useful extension in Firefox 3.

Guys…if you are reading this article from Firefox 2 or from other internet browsers, why don’t you go to the Mozilla page and download a copy of Firefox 3 and view this website from it. I am sure you will feel more better and feel more fresh with the new look of Firefox 3 and its features. And you also will be part of the history because you are the one who will make Firefox 3 as the most downloaded software in the Guinness World Record.

Lastly, before I end this entry, I want to share something with you. If you have downloaded Firefox 3, go get the certificate from Firefox. I have got mine. Thanks to Premjith Achemveettil for the info. 😀


  1. The cert looks cool!
    Going to frame it 😀

  2. i dl firefox 3 already,ig good to0 bad some extension can’t use and all themes can’t update……….but new feature is good but i don’t like it save password part,it appear at the top of browser page and i one of the people wjo are the one who will make Firefox 3 as the most downloaded software in the Guinness World Record.

  3. Proud to say that I am one of the millions using it right now! 😀

  4. i got it on my laptop..but some plugin not functioning.yeah.my fava is fasterfox….c’mon fasterfox makes new update so can use it on firefox3

  5. guinness has officially approved the record..great huh~

  6. Yeah! I got the email from them. We made it!