Google Toolbar vs Live PageRank

Nowadays, many peoples use Google Toolbar in their Firefox browser. I don’t know what makes Google Toolbar so popular. Maybe because of the pagerank checker that enables you to check a website pagerank or other functionalities that can helps you in browsing web pages. But if the pagerank checker is the reason you install the Google Toolbar, I want to recommend you a Firefox extension that do the same job as the Google Toolbar pagerank checker.

liveprLive PageRank (LivePR) is a Firefox extension that will display a small pagerank bar at the lower left conner of your Firefox browser. It will check the website pagerank from Gooogle datacenters and display the result instantly. I more prefer using this extension than using Google Toolbar because Google Toolbar will fetch our browsing history and data and keep them for their own purposes that we don’t know. I know about it after I read an article a long time ago and can’t remember the link to the article. But I really don’t like how tricky the Google Toolbar works and that’s why I don’t like it very much.

So, if you install Google Toolbar just because of the pagerank checker, think again. I left you with two choices, whether you want to use Google Toolbar and let them know what you did while you browsing webpages or you can use LivePR to replace the Google Toolbar and get the same result as the Google Toolbar pagerank checker.

Download Live PageRank (Firefox Extension)


  1. Thanks for the tip. I have removed the google toolbar. It make my firefox more space than before.

  2. before this I use google toolbar but I remove it after I use Live PR

  3. Google toolbar is the official way to communicate Google PR. Of course the privacy issues are there as you say.

    At present several third party apps which source Google datacenters are broken and in this scenario, the Google toolbar seems the best way to detect your PR straight from the source.

  4. Is this legal? i.e. are they using the proper method to get PR from Google? Via Google API or some other resource?

    First check and then start using it.

    It is not necessary, but advisable.


  5. PChere – But the privacy issue is the thing that I really don't like. That is why I hate it.

    Pratheep – I think all PR checkers use the same method to check the PR for a website. For an example like Iwebtool also uses Google datacenters to check the PR.

  6. salam bro,
    sy ade probs dgn firefox..status bar yg di bawah tue tu xde kat browser..xtau hlang ke mne..bler hilang,xnmpk dh status live PR,Gmail notifier dsbnnya..camne yek bro?tq..

  7. Gi kat View, pastu pilih Status Bar. 🙂

  8. salam bro,
    tq 4 da info..

  9. Memang best !

    Trima kasih bro .. nampak lebih smart .

  10. IF the PR is canceled, then how to measure the site you want to link trading with? the number of index pages? the traffic? the rank?

    it’s kind of a billion industry for PR….oh man

  11. terima kasih informasinya… tapi sayang tak coba di firefox 16 gak bisa..

  12. Do you have recommendation for chrome browser?
    Looking forward for your answer…

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