Rouder or Router?

While looking for some information about Streamyx package, I found something that is so weird.

Streamyx ADSL

Streamyx wireless

I think it should be Router and not Rouder. I learned router configuration in my CCNA class. Duh…


  1. I have observed that the “t” and “d” key is not beside each other in the keyboard. Therefore, I suspect, the creator does not sure on how to spelling router and he/she always pronouns router as rouder, that’s why… :p

  2. The spelling sucks like the service too. 😀

  3. yeah. agree with your statement syahid A. ahaks..

  4. rouder? streamyx’s secret devices maybe :p

  5. stupid streamyx..

  6. Zairul, I think you are right. Maybe it is some sort of their secret device to make you surf faster than the others. :d

  7. Some more they put “Hub”…where can we get hub nowadays? Put-lah “Switch” 😀

  8. kecoh la lu