Advertlets should read my post

I think you guys will agree with me. Advertlets should read my post regarding how important to renew the domain before it expired. Here is the story.

While I was having dinner with my girlfriend at Singgah Selalu Restaurant, Danga Bay, I got a SMS from my coursemate, Dekan. He said that Advertlets website was hacked. I was shocked reading his SMS. How could a website like that can be hacked. After read it, then I continue my dinner. 😀

Image from Silentblog

After having the dinner and back to my room, I checked Advertlets website and there is no problem at all. I can access the website as usual. Then I checked my email and I got a tracback from Silentblog about Advertlets. Now I know what exactly happened.

Advertlets forgot to renew their domain and they got a temporary notice page to renew the domain. The issue has been settled right now. You can read Advertlets blog to read about it. Advertlets has renewed their domain and the website has back to its normal life.

But I am still thinking, is Advertlets did it on purpose? If you think properly, you will see how tons of traffics and linkbacks they will get by doing this. I have wrote this article with a link to Advertlets. And then, someone will make another post (or has make a post) which also contains Advertlets link. If in one day, about hundreds of Malaysian bloggers write the same issue, wow…for sure they will get so many backlinks in just one day. Maybe their PR will increase in the next update. Nice trick isn’t it? 😉


  1. Advertlets very smart then!

  2. thanks for linkback me..hahaha…i also think that way too… :p

  3. No it’s not back to normal yet. Check it out. All sites with their ads got redirected to

    Up until 5 minutes ago and now still. 20 minutes ago, it was still okay, though…

    It’s scandalous that such a company actually FORGOT to renew their domain name. They’re so going to face some very pissed of advertisers – if they’re aware of the issue, that is…

  4. #Kitkat – Yup. They are smart. 😀

    #gie – Heh! Suka la tu! :p

    #Adlina – What I mean is their domain has been renewed. Only the script just not functional right now. Its happen on my other two websites. 🙂

  5. G, tq for linking back. Until this comment submitted, i still cannot view or page. Redirected to

  6. it was a bad publicity and not worth getting a link for something bad that u did..simple as that!

  7. Assalammualaikum .. salam perkenalan dari saya user baru dalam pembikinan blog..
    sila beri tunjuk ajar …

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  9. 😀

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