Advertlets Still Hasn’t Paid Me Yet

On 8th January 2008, I requested to cashout my earnings from Advertlets. The amount that I want to cashout is RM160. Although it is not much but at that time I was a student. With RM160, I can buy lots of things and I can eat at McDonalds. Well…you know, students. Like to eat fastfood when they have extra cash in their hands.

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But untill now, I still did not get any cheques from Advertlets. The status still showing processing. I have sent support request but they never replied. I don’t know why they still keep my cashout in processing although 8 months have past.

I have stopped using Advertlets on my websites since the case where they forgot to renew their domain. It was a havoc in blogsphere when all websites that have Advertlets ads on it will be forwarded to another parked domain.

I am not sure but maybe they don’t want to pay me because I stopped putting their ads on my websites. But if they want to do business, they should pay the publishers’ earning because that money is belong to the publishers. Publishers help them to promote their campaigns so they should get what they have earned.

If any Advertlets’ representatives read this message, you can keep that money or give to someone else or other publishers who want it. I don’t want that money anymore. Thank you for your great campaigns and promotions and everything.

But my advice is, if you want to do business, do it properly. Don’t make your business lose its reputation just because a small thing like this.


  1. If Josh sees this he’ll come in here and do the explanation as usual again like what he did in other blogs that complained the same thing.

    Ditch them lar.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Over 8 months dy!!!
    My god!!
    Josh, where are u?? Advertlets bankrupt dy is it? Hahahha
    I wanted to throw u a pie in previous barcamp but too bad u’re too short so I can’t see u.

    Shorty, if you don’t pay us, then wait for a pie/durian/shit. We shall see

  3. #joe – That is why I sent emails and requested support for this issue. But they never replied to me. So I don’t know why my cashout still in processing.

    #Kent – Don’t throw that durian or pie to him dude. Lets hear what he want to say (if any).

  4. at first, i also want to try adverlets, but soon after read many post regarding their negative issue, i will rethink again. thanks for the information

  5. You better do some researches on the advertising company that you want to join. I am wishing you good luck. 🙂

  6. They owe me RM500 since the last raya puasa and they WON’T pay. Just ditch advertlets 🙂

  7. These guys seem to be fking up everyones payments

  8. uhuk.. dah resign dr advertlets sebab depa xbayor kat ien jugark.. alih2 pakai nufnang ajor walaupun dpt rezeki ckit2 uhuhu

  9. Ditch them. Enough said.

  10. I faced same issue here. But I am the so called ‘lucky one’ that get payment after following a lot of time with Josh Lim. However, I still have friends that did not get anything after cash out. 🙁

  11. so sad and they are interest to giving value for your works and better to stay out from it sucks.

  12. somebody should sue them. or whatever actions.

  13. aku pencinta nuffnang 🙂

    ada satu ketika, cam nak banned je advertlets dari blog aku . wahaahaha..

  14. eh..tarik baliklah 😛

  15. being rip-off?

  16. advertlets is scam says:

    hi all..

    kalau google ‘advertlets suck’ ,banyak blog posts pasal ini. kesian bloggers kena TIPU DENGAN ADVERTLETS. tidak ada pula cerita dengan NUFFNANG. saya sendiri ada RM1000 lebih yg belum dibayar!! termasuk RM100 yg kononnya telah SENT tapi belum diterima.bukan 2 bulan, tapi 6 bulan! alasan diberi semua sama,tak percaya, sila google dulu.bukan saya seorang,tapi ramai top earners top bloggers pun sudah kena.

    oleh itu, saya, menyeru semua rakan bloggers di Malaysia.jom kita sebarkan keburukan dan kejahatan advertlets kepada semua bloggers muda.jangan biarkan mereka tertipu dengan Josh Lim!!

    saya, ingin mengumpulkan idea, untuk buat grafik, dan paparkan pada blog kita. seperti, ‘kami benci advertlets’, ‘advertlets penipu’ dll. sesiapa mempunyai idea, sila emel kepada saya,

    mari kita tunjukkan kuasa bloggers! jangan aniaya kami!

  17. I have to say i identify with you/(& whoever is claiming Advertlets is scam) totally because I also have such an experience with Advertlets.

    After I did a paid write up for Advertlets and posted the article on my blog, I wasn’t paid at all.

    And I have written in to them so many times, but yet there was not a single news till now.

    And did I mention that this issue happened 6 months ago?

    Yup, till now, I have not heard from Advertlets, and I have since removed all the Advertlets ads on my blog!

    Advertlets = SCAM!

  18. Say no to Advertlets says:

    Read more about ADvertlets exposed:

  19. Same here.

    I have set up a Blog “specially dedicated” to Advertlet.