Congrats! Advertlets #1 on Technorati!

See what I mean? Yesterday I wrote something about Advertlets on how they can get tons of backlinks just in one day. And today, Advertlets is #1 on Technorati popular searches.advertlets-on-technorati

Congrats to Advertlets! You guys are very smart!

Because of the domain problem, many Malaysian bloggers have make post and talk about it. I heard many of them has lose trust on Advertlets. For sure it will be difficult for Advertlets to get back their publishers and advertisers trust. Thanks to Menj for the news.


  1. Advertlets no money pay bill?
    How would Josh Lim handle the damage control now…

  2. LOL. They made it alright, jack pot! 😀

  3. i don’t think being # 1 in tehnorati is worthwith what was happen to their images which already tarnished

  4. Is advertlets up yet? or still sleeping?