Firefox released

It is time to upgrade your Firefox browser (more about Firefox) because new version Firefox has been released to the public since 30th May 2007. In this latest version more security issues have been fixed.

Besides that, Firefox also includes more enhancements and fixes for Windows Vista (more about Vista). Two new languages, Afrikaans (af) and Belarusian (be) are also available in this new version.

You can download Firefox directly from the download page or you can download it from their official FTP site (mirror).


  1. all right! i will upgrade it !! :d/

  2. tgh dok sedut nie.. 😀

  3. nak tanya sikit. apsal adsense tak jumpa any keywords kat blog saya pastu keluar psa. padahal saya blog dlm english.. hmm

  4. [Comment ID #47675 Will Be Quoted Here]

    maybe there is not enough keywords on your site. try stress some keywords on your site. :)>-