Using my plugins? Update them now!

I was wrong. I said in my previous post that you no need to update your plugins if you are using my plugins. But lately I found out that there are some plugins that you need to update. If you using these plugins:

I recommended you to update them now. Because WordPress 2.1 using different table structures, there is a really minor problem if you still using the old version.

If you not yet upgrade your WordPress to WordPress 2.1, you still can use the plugins. No update is needed. But if you using WordPress 2.1, update the plugins is a must. 🙂 [tags]plugins, wordpress plugins[/tags]


  1. bang..tak mau pun easy announcement tu.nape ye?

  2. ape yang takleh ye? dah ikut dah die nye installation guide?

  3. Thanks 🙂

  4. cypher..knape aku submit themes kat takleh erk..siol tull lah..time nak upload tuh die tulih error: no title tp takde plak form title..isk..

  5. dalam style.css kau ada letak tak nama and version theme kau tu? pastikan kau letak bende2 tu dalam file zip.

  6. thanks a lot

  7. no problems. 🙂