My WordPress Plugins compatible with WP2.1

After facing some difficulties to upgrade my WordPress to the latest version, at last my site had successfully upgraded to WP2.1, codename Ella.

There are many new updates and options in this new version but I’m not using them really much. I upgrade because I just want to fix the security flaws and to test my WordPress plugins. Fortunately, all my plugins work without any problems. :d

Btw I want to announce here that I will not do anymore support to Simple Image Linking plugin. If you have any problems with it, I feel very very sorry. The plugin is not supported anymore. There are many more plugins that are far better than this. Anyway, thanks for using my plugins. 😉

And I also want to tell here that, I have submitted my CypherFS Bliss theme to Themes WordPress. Click here to see the demo. 🙂 [tags]plugins, themes, download[/tags]

Download CypherFS Bliss


  1. wahh..camne ko submit ko nyer themes..?? aku dah lame submit..tapi tak dpt gak..isk..isk..sedihh..

  2. kau dah try login belum? aku aritu just try login and gi kat upload theme page. tengok2 leh upload. segera aku upload. he3.

  3. haha..boleh la..yuhuu..nanti nak upload..aku nak update dulu themes aku tuh for working on wp2.1.adehhh