Happy 1st Birthday CypherHackz.Net

Happy Birthday, CypherHackz.Net!!!

Today is CypherHackz.Net’s birthday. In one year, CypherHackz.Net has improved so much. From PR0, it has been moved to PR5. And currently it has gain another step to PR6. Beside than that, there are so many changes made to this website. From the design till the structure used. Here are the header that I used in this one year.

And as the birthday gift, again, I make another theme for this site. Lol… After I know how to make a WordPress theme, I get so excited to make more themes. He3. I named this theme, CypherFS Kay2. The pronounce is K2. It is not because I use the K2 technology, but it is just I feel like it. :d I Well, I hope this is the last one. Maybe the next birthday I will make another theme as a gift for this site.

My wishes: I wish that CypherHackz.Net will be well known one day. And this website will get more visitors and traffics in the future. Good luck to you, CypherHackz.Net! 🙂 [tags]birthday, cypherhackz, website[/tags]


  1. Gratz 🙂 Your blog already 1 year old. Hope in future you will be more successful 😀 Keep up with a good works.

  2. Happy Birthday :d
    Btw, I like your last 2 themes more, the current one is a little too plain, white perhaps.

    Good luck.

  3. [Comment ID #15734 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thanks! :d

    [Comment ID #15735 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea. i knew it. i will update this theme time by time. just wait and see. :)>-

  4. hepy besday…aku nyer tak dapat nak sambut,sebab time ulang tahun,website aku down…dia tak renew domian aku…sungguh sedih… 🙁

  5. happy buzday..sebagai hadiah bcoz bday blog ko nih..dan banyak menarik kat sini..aku akan klik adsense ko..huhu..going klik…!

  6. [Comment ID #15744 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hu3. dats why aku telah renew awal2 lagik. sebulan lebih awal.

    [Comment ID #15746 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thanks. but jangan main klik je weh. nanti kene ban plak aku. risau weh… ^:)^ hu3.

  7. ahakz..aku bukan nyer nak klik 2/3 kali satu ads..

  8. owh…tapi rapid clik pun bahaya tau. hu3. pepehal pun thanks. :d

  9. huhu rapid click tuh ape? mcm rapidshare ek? hu3..

  10. rapid click tu maksudnye klik banyak ads dalam satu masa. contoh klik ni, then klik tu, then klik yang lain. hu3. btw thanks bagi link tu. masalahnye, aku tak dapat nak activate akaun paypal lagi. :((

  11. ahakz…same la kite..wehehe..

  12. Happy B’day, keep up the good work. 🙂

  13. kheh kheh kheh
    dah 1 tahun rupanya, aku rasa cam baru 2 3 hari lepas tgk jek tgk banner ko yg 1st tu, kejap giler masa memintas aku! /:)

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    thanks man. :d

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    hu3. dah tua dah website nih. hik3. banyak jasa die pada aku.

  15. Congrats on completing one year man ….btw do teach me to develop killer headers..

  16. i will make the tutorial after i back from camp ok? got a camp on this wednesday till sunday though. 8-|

  17. cypher,
    congratulation and happy birthday to your domain. <:-p

  18. Hepi bday~ !!! Nway, hepi bday~

  19. This is by far the best theme. Love the clean look. You’re really picking up steam now. 303 subscribers… good luck for year 2 man!

  20. Happy Birthday Cypher, I’m secretly singing a birthday song for you.

  21. Selamat Ulang Tahun Blogs! hehe. haku pun tgh countdown haku punya blogs juga ni. tapi kena tggu tahun depan la. hihi :-“

  22. thanks guys. :d actually i just back from camp. thats why i did not update this site. :)>-