YouTube – How they paint the Airbus A320

Want to know how they paint the big giant Virgin America Airbus A320 aeroplane? Watch this video.

Download this video: .flv file

Cypher: Wondering how long does this camera has been switched on? Hurm… 😕

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  1. I think they compress the video and if u click that video it will tell you a link – about : name a plane in which pretty cool idea too 🙂 keep up the great post man. I know you kinda busy there too nonetheless great job and effort there. 🙂 regards.

  2. i got this youtube video from your site. i should thanks to you. not the other way. lol…

  3. It was good people and friends like you has inspires many others. :)>-

  4. he3. thank you. :”>