Troubleshooting your hosting for your Hosting Provider

Sometimes our site(s) down and we don’t know what to do. Instead of leave the problems settled by our hosting provider, we also can help them by troubleshooting the problems by ourselves.

Josh Testone has compiled a PDF format file about “How to Troubleshoot your Hosting Provider for them“. It is a simple PDF file with some instructions, information and a diagnostic flowchart. The instructions in the manual are easily to follow which make, even beginner users can troubleshoot it without have any problems.

Follow this link if you want to download the PDF directly or click here to go to his website. 🙂 [tags]troubleshoot, hosting, provider, hosting provider[/tags]


  1. i hope there will be guide for dedicated server. Thanx for sharing it with us cypherhackz. You rock man!

  2. he3. no problem dude. 🙂