YouTube – Terminator vs Robocop

Check this out. Terminator fight with Robocop. Who will win?

Cypher: This is really good crossover vidoes between Terminator and Robocop. I really enjoy it. I has downloaded this video to show it with my friends. Can’t wait the next episode. [tags]youtube, robocop, terminator, video[/tags]


  1. memang best, aku dah add kat blog aku..

  2. he3. enjoy… jangan tak enjoy… :d

  3. Awesome movie! 😀

  4. yea. it sure is. :d

  5. Hey why did you change your theme ?

  6. i just testing it for while. maybe in week or two, i change back to my previous theme. btw what do you think?

  7. Previous theme was lot better.. atleast it was unique

  8. i have change it back. :d

  9. I just watched this Video… its so cool. They have made it look so realistic, its hard to believe that its made from two movies

    Just super cool !

  10. agree with you. this video really awesome. 🙂