Opera still the fastest web browser

On December 2005, I have wrote about Opera 8 – The Fastest Browser on Earth. After half year has past, Opera still hold the title. This site has performed web browser speed tests on 3 platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) and almost all the tests won by Opera.

But from my opinion, Opera is good in speed but it doesn’t support some scripts and site layout on the net. For example, some sites that I open with Opera, the site’s layout change and the site does not look like a site anymore. But this does not happen in Firefox and IE perhaps.

Because of that reason, I make Firefox as my default web browser. Beside than that, it has many extensions that can enhance its usebility. How about you? What is your default web browser?

More Info: Windows – Browser speed comparisons


  1. aku tetap ngan firefox ngan ie:d

  2. Aku gune ie pun tuk check sama ada layout site aku lari atau tak masa aku ubah2 die nye layout.
    Selalunye, ngan firefox takde problem.

  3. Walaupun kadang MEMORY BENGKAK! tetep make FF, karena IE Suck! trus mau OPERA banyak web (fave saya semisal mail.yahoo.com versi baru) ndak support ama OPERA.


  4. Memory Bengkak? Camne leh bengkak lak? 😕
    Firefox tak la banyak sangat gune memory… :)>-

  5. oo nga mabilis ang opera