Opera 8 – The Fastest Browser on Earth

Want to have a fast internet surfing although you’re using dial-up internet connection? Use the fastest internet browser in the world. I just downloaded it today, gave it a test run and yeah, it’s true. It’s faster than Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) but…it does not support some of the javascripts on the Internet. Hope the developer will enhance the ability in the next version.

Well…what is Opera actually? Like been said in its official website http://www.opera.com, Opera is a powerful web browser for surfing the Internet. It’s come with an integrated e-mail program and a wide range of easy-to-use tools to let you surf the Internet easier and safer. It’s also more secure than other web browser. If you use IE, there are many exploits and malicious code programs that can take advantages on it’s vulnerabilities. With Opera, its more secure and you can surf without worrying if this kind of threats (viruses, worms, hackers) can harm your computer. Opera have tighten its coding to improve the security level.

Opera’s tight code is designed to keep hazards out. Its many security features include high encryption, advanced cookie control, intelligent pop-up blocking and a security information field with a padlock icon to let you judge the trustworthiness of Web sites. When visiting a secure site (for online banking or shopping etc.), Opera will display that site’s security certificate information and give it a a security rating from 1-3. That means you can better judge the authenticity of the site.


Opera also have some extra furthers like in Firefox where you can tabbed browsing without open up new window like IE. It’s also includes integrated searches. There are 7 (Google, Opera, Answers.com, Amazon.com, Price Comparison, Ebay.com and Download.com) integrated search sites in it. And you can manage your password with Opera’s password manager or Wand. With Wand, you no need to remember login names and passwords. Wand will do it for you. It will remember and store your logins and passwords in its own encryption algorithm.

I think thats all that I can write about Opera. Sorry for my grammar mistakes. Im sure there are many mistakes here. Lol… 😀

For more information about Opera, you can visit its official website at http://www.opera.com. And if you would like to download Opera, click this link: http://www.opera.com/download/.
Check out this site to see the speed comparison for web browsers:


  1. MarketingSherpa just posted an interesting article on FireFox. Basically, they suggested that FireFox has approximately 100 million users, and that companies can no longer afford to simply design sites for Microsoft-based browsers exclusively. It was suggested that businesses recognize the growth of this new browser and make sure their websites are compatible with it. I’ve used Opera before and I like it as well.

  2. Yup. Firefox has many users nowadays. And Opera is trying to compete with Firefox.

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    huhuh..laju tul ke.??

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  5. As i used ur idea its true and so beneficial for the internet users