Shoutbox Added

Early in the morning I edited my shoutbox css file to fit with my new theme. It doesn’t take too long. Just edit some code and it’s done.

Btw I got a reply from Yahoo regarding my problem about the domain e-mail. Here what they said:

Hello .,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

While we make our best effort to deliver solicited email directly to
users’ Inbox, we may occasionally send a solicited message to the Bulk
Mail folder. To ensure valid messages are sent to your inbox, we
encourage you to add the sender’s email address to your Yahoo! Address
Book. All contacts entered in your Address Book are automatically
delivered to the Inbox.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.



I think they misunderstood what I asked. Actually I want emails that I send to my friends (for the first time receive) will automatically direct into their inbox. Without they have to open their Bulk folder or click on “Not Spam” button.


  1. hum…maybe camtu kut diorg nye aku pon plk gaks…nape laa diorg wat bg kite teruk2 letih badan…ade sesetgh WM cakap kene reg tp xtau kt mane..

  2. WM tu ape eh? Tapi aku dah send email kat yahoo dah. Mintak dorang tolong free kan domain aku. So, pasni setiap emel yang aku hantar kat Yahoo (termasuk orang yang first time dapat emel) akan direct terus masuk kat Inbox.

  3. kalau tak silap, auto generate reply tue.. system yahoo nee tak efficient sangat, biaselah.. hehehe..
    lain tanya, lain jawab..
    WM? Web Master kot?? agaknyer la.. heheheh

  4. Yang ni aku contact Yahoo tu sendiri. Bukan yang gune script die tu. Kalau gune yang script tu, memang merapu je jawapan yang die bagi.

    Aah ek. WM tu webmaster kot. He3. :d

  5. erm…tukar je shoutbox plugin WP.. ajax shoutbox :)>-

  6. Aku ingat nak tukar gak. Tapi tunggu r bile aku balik rumah nanti. Kat UTM payah r nak upload. Takde FTP.

  7. erm…ftp boleh…nak masuk cpanel tak ble…hehehe…FTP kene ade kat pc sendiri laa… :”>

  8. Thats why la aku tak leh nak buat tu… Kat sini takde http://FTP...

  9. bonbau