New Domain, New Hosting with New Theme

Theme Name: fBlue
Theme URI:
Description: Liquid theme with max width, easy to customize.
Version: 1.0
Author: Fredrik Fahlstad
Author URI:

Just installed new theme today. For my new domain and hosting. Urgh…I edited the template till 3.30 am. Feel so sleepy. My eyes almost can’t open right now. I don’t know why I’m so strugle to edit and use this theme. Well, it looks much more brighter than before. Lol. But it doesn’t look good with the Google Adsense up there. I think I want to pull it out but I chose to leave as it is.
Huh? What am I talking about? I like mumbling to myself. Maybe I’m too sleepy and tired. I have to go now. Going to sleep. Chiow…

Erm…btw I will put back the shoutbox when I woke up this morning. Till then… End.


  1. kewl man!..hitam tak nampak per hehehe…cube main2 dgn background color ah k..

  2. Hitam tak nampak ape2? Maksud kau ape eh?

  3. aku rabun…

  4. Owh… 🙂

    Eh? Aku telah secara tak sengaja meng”trackback” balik akunye post. He3. :d

  5. erm…ok dah theme nie…huhuh…yeah…musim tukar theme… :)>- …erm…nape tak pakai shoutbox yg plugin WP tu gak…

  6. Ingat nak gune gak shoutbox tu. Cume lum ada masa lagi nak integrate ngan shoutbox tu. :d

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