WordPress 2.9 “Carmen” Released

A new version of WordPress 2.9 has been released. The codename for the release is “Carmen” in honour of magical jazz vocalist Carmen McRae. You can either upgrade directly from your Dashboard or download it from WordPress website.

What’s new? Yes, of course that is what you want to know right? Well, there is a Trash where we can restore back deleted comments or posts. Probably if you accidentally deleted a comment, you can restore it back by using Trash.

Another interesting new feature is the Image Editor. Although I surely will not use it much but now you can crop, edit, rotate, flip and scale the images directly from the web.

There is a useful new feature in “Carmen” which is Batch Plugin Update. Based from the details given in the WordPress blog, we can update 10 plugins at once but I don’t see any option to do that in WordPress 2.9 Upgrade Plugin page. Maybe I miss something here.

For more info you can visit WordPress blog. They have listed down the changes and new features in WordPress 2.9. So far, I have no problem upgrading to “Carmen”. Hopefully there is no serious bug or security issue in this new version. Kudos to the development team!