What is Solid State Disk (SSD)?

Do you know about Solid State Disk (SSD)? SSD is a technology that currently being used in data storage devices especially for server applications and system. This technology uses solid-state memory to store data and commonly composed of either DRAM volatile memory or NAND flash non-volatile memory.


In SSD technology, no parts are moving like the normal hard disks you are currently using. So the data is less fragile and the disk is very silent and smooth.

Other than that, the seek time and the startup time is very fast because SSD does not need to spin up until the rotation speed is achieved. Only hard disks need to spin up to ready state to start its operations.


Moving parts slow down the disk performance.

SSD can access the data randomly in the same time whatever the storage location. It also does not depend on the read/write interface head and imune to strong magnetic fields.

Because of the technology is new, the cost per gigabyte of SSD storage is very high. That is the only downside of SSD as for now. But probably, after a new data storage technology come out, the price for SSD might be cheaper and many people can afford to buy it.


New Dell Mini 9 equipped with SSD.

Currently, I am looking for a new netbook by Dell, Mini 9. This netbook is currently not officially available in Malaysia yet but we can buy from this seller for RM1175.

For your information, Mini 9 is equipped with SSD but the capacity is very, very small. I think this netbook is good for bloggers because the size is small, light and mobility. Maybe you should buy one too.


  1. I am not sure about netbook for blogging, at least for prices around here. Best model available is MSI Wind U100 and for almost $600 it’s hardly good deal (I’ve blogged my impresisons after I got chance to play with it).

    Thinking about something closer to MID, maybe Nokia N810.

    And I am so not sure about SSD. Despite all marketing promises from my experience flash memory is still far from reliable in long term.

  2. I have see the Mini 9 in the office. The netbook is really, really small. I think it is not so good for blogging because it is small and the resolution is low. But still not sure about Mini 12.

  3. Thanx for the info on SSD. It’s really interesting.
    I don’t prefer too small notebook for me coz mostly I’ll use the notebook for work related to statistics and figures in excel format as well as blogging. Definitely I require a good size (not less than 13 inch) for my laptop.

  4. How about Mini 12? It has 12″ display.

  5. No good. I need at least 250GB space…

  6. has anybody try Acer aspire one? (win XP edition)
    it is really nice!