Solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations using Rubik’s Cube Solver

480px-Rubik's cube

Have you ever played Rubik’s Cube? A cube which have 9 tiles on each surface with different colours and you have to solve it by making all surfaces have same colour?

I only managed to solve the first layer only. When it comes to the second layer, I can’t get it solve because I always disturb the first layer whenever I try to solve the second layer. It is so difficult if you don’t know the technique.

Fortunately, I found an easier way to solve a Rubik’s Cube problem. Go to Eric Dietz Rubik’s Cube solver page. Enter your Rubik’s Cube colours combination and click Solve. Then, another page will come out and display step by step to solve your Rubik’s Cube combination. Just follow the steps and you will get the result at the end.

I have tried it and it really amazed me. I can solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations. Just enter the colour and Eric Dietz programming will produce the solution.

I took about 5 minutes to solve a Rubik’s Cube by using Eric Dietz’s solution. I think I can go more faster but because the Rubik’s Cube that I play is the cheaper one so sometimes it got stuck when I twist the surface.


  1. Thanks Fauzi. I will now solve the Rubik’s Cube I have and gift it to someone 😛 . Get rid of future trouble :D.

    Nice share, stumbled.

  2. wah so amazing!! thank for the sharing fauzi 😉

  3. Lol. With this, it will not be a puzzle anymore. 😀

  4. It is just in case you stuck and unable to solve it. Anyway, it is a good programming that ables to produce the solution based on the colours you input.

  5. is that a way that i can solve it without using online solver. for example secret technique how to solve 😛 can anyone give me the tutorial?