Submit suspicious file to VirusTotal

When you found a suspicious file, you might want to scan it using your favourite antivirus scanner. But do you think that your antivirus gives 100% accurate result? Or, would you like to scan the suspicious file using more than 30 antivirus scanners which of course will produce a better output?

VirusTotal is a website that provides you the solution to scan a file with more than 30 antivirus scanners. You just need to submit the suspicious file to VirusTotal and then VirusTotal will start scanning the file. After a few minutes, VirusTotal will give you the results from its 37 antivirus scanners.

Although VirusTotal can scan a file using 37 antivirus scanners but it does not mean your PC is protected from viruses. It only can scan a single file and it is on demand. There is no way a website (VirusTotal) can protect your PC 24/7. You have to install antivirus like Kaspersky Antivirus and make sure to run it in real-time mode.

So, if you are curious about a file containing viruses, you might want to submit the file to VirusTotal for virus scanning. Don’t use VirusTotal as a complete antivirus solution for your PC. It is just a scanner and not eliminate them.


  1. That’s a great service…. thanks for the share…

  2. No problem mate.