Kaspersky 2009 is available now!

Note: This article contains valid activation key for 6 months period Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 product.


I am a legal Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) user and have waiting this new version to come out for long time. I really wanted to see its new interface and the new features in this new version.

Although I am eligible to be a beta tester for Kaspersky product but I keep myself away because I want to make it as a surprise to myself. The new version of Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) and KIS have been released. And I have upgraded and protect my PC with the latest KIS version!

The new interface in Kaspersky 2009.

The reason I am using KIS because it has all security features that I want for my PC. KIS is not just an ordinary antivirus. It has firewall, anti-phishers, anti-spam and some other security modules built into it. For me, it is a complete security solution for home and internet user like me.

If you an existing Kaspersky customer, you can download the installation file directly from their server. It is strongly recommend to uninstall the previous version first before you proceed to install the latest version. This is because, Kaspersky 2009 is different from the previous versions. But make sure to keep your license key with you because when you do complete remove, everything will be gone.

So guys, if you are not using Kaspersky yet, try it for 30 days trial first. Then, if you interested to continue using it, you can purchase the license for only $39.95USD for KAV and $59.95 for KIS. And Kaspersky have their own community too. Check it out!

Bonus: Here is the activation key that you can use to get 6 months free KIS 2009 trial,


Just copy and paste in the activation form during KIS 2009 installation. Make sure you use this key before run the trial version. Or you also can request key file at Kaspersky Activation page. Enter the activation key and click Next. Ignore the Customer ID and Password. Then you will be given a link to download the key file as your backup copy.


  1. dah masuk key tu nape still 30 days?

  2. kan bagus klu ade activation key yang valid sampai 365 hari. syok!

  3. KIS 2009 ni beta ke atau dah final product?

  4. ermm.. i installed this trial version, but how come it doesnt have anti virus built with it? it only have anti-marware.. my window detected that no anti virus was install in my computer.. how come? please advice. do i need to install another kaspersky antivirus?

  5. #firdee – Did you activated the trial version? If so, you need to wait the trial version to expire or you can use the activation key as provided in the post above.

    #syam – If like that, you have to pay la. :p

    #aMer – It is final version bro.

    #JinG – KIS is combination of antivirus, firewall and anti-malwares software. Your Windows should display that your PC is protected by KIS 2009. No need to install KAV because KAV is already built into KIS.

  6. kalau guna key yang kasperky internet security 7.0 kat yang 2009 ni bole tak?? aiseh rugi aku ada byk2

  7. It is funny that you have to uninstall the old product before you can use the new one. 😀

    Excellent AV anyway.

  8. How to keep the existing key?

  9. stranger says:

    Kaspersky is rubbish it slows down your computer.

    i use zone alarm pro which has built in anti spy ware along with avast anti virus 4.8.

    that’s the ultimate package my computer never got infected again and i now because i used bit defender the world best scanning engine after a moths use of zone alarm and avast and saw no files infected whats so ever.

  10. #novatech – The license key is still can be used in KIS 8.0.

    #Syahid A. – Maybe because the engine it uses is different.

    #Monk – Click on the activation link that I put in the article and follow the instruction.

    #stranger – I have tested many antivirus and firewalls. In my opinion, KIS is far better than the others. That is why I purchase KIS license.

  11. ensem, yang kaspersky untuk handphone tu ade wat entri x? Apa nama die ek, nak wat entri sket nanti. 🙂

  12. stranger says:

    hello people go zone alarm pro and avast antvirus

  13. how much will it cost me for just antivirus and firewall…for vista?
    ada ka pakej macam tu?
    have tried karspersky before and it suits my need

  14. The package is the same. You can use it on Vista without any problem.

  15. i don’t use this anti-virus coz computer not good,i use eset but crack one -_-

  16. I’m install it yesterday..yes..superb kaspersky..Even within installation time i had been infected by a spyware that take me 6 hours to kill it.

  17. Bueno saludos a todos la verdad es que a mi aparece como numero de serie no permitido porque ha alcanzado el numero de activaciones permitidas y ya no se puede usar el numero de serie, favor de avisarme si hay otro numero donde se pueda activar…

  18. como conseguir uma xave para o novo ?

  19. it says the key is not compatible.what shall i do?please help.

  20. huwaaa.. aku nye license key sampai bulan 11 ni je~~~ sedihnya~!!

  21. i want your software for free because now a days my friends saying about anti virus called kaspersay key

  22. cool

  23. Attention! The entered code has exceeded the limit of allowed activations!

    To get a new activation code please apply to technical suport by submitting a request via web-form as request type choose “key problem”.

    In description of your request indicate:

    – information about date and place of purchase,

    – activation code and registration number (order number/license number),

    – information about the owner of the license.

  24. thahks

  25. i need kaspersky 2007.0.0.125 lience key

  26. T6B6K-8YK22-VBQH7-ZUZJG

    here’s the key for kaspersky 2009 for 6 months thanks…
    is there any one knows the key for kasperksy 7.0 for 1 year
    please help me send to my email rocky18_2000@yahoo.com

  27. gissellpaola says:

    Attention! The entered code has exceeded the limit of allowed activations!

    To get a new activation code please apply to technical suport by submitting a request via web-form as request type choose “key problem”.

    Sorry could you help with this!!!!????

  28. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

  29. good

  30. http://letitbit.net/download/d.....9.rar.html

    Super New Kaspersky activation Key

  31. Hey Gays!!! It does not work anymore.. I need the Crack Help me. 03/092009

  32. get kis,kav 2010 key free from http://www.bestdl.webnode.com
    they r giving it free to site’s visitor.

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