Bored? Let’s play The Putty Puzzle game!

There will be a time when we feel very bored when doing the same thing everyday. Sometimes we need something new or maybe some games that we can play to overcome the boring routine works.

While I was reading feeds in my Google Reader, a post written by Syahid from has caught my attention. He wrote an article about an online puzzle game, The Putty Puzzle.

The Putty Puzzle game

The first moment when I saw the pictures in his post have make me so excited to play the game. You need to think on how to move the blocks so you can reach the marker. Once you reached at the marker, you have won the level. Sounds easy right? But you will see how “easy” it is when you start playing it.

How to solve this? Grrr…

Currently I stuck at Stage 12 and still trying to figure on how to solve it. There are 36 stages in total and I have 24 more stages to go to. To play this game just involves your mouse clicks. Left click to move, combine and morph and right click to break the blocks into smaller blocks.

If you love playing critical thinking games, I am sure you will also love playing The Putty Puzzle.


  1. Cool, hey try something different a love story puzzle over at Smartkit they got the best brain gym and puzzle playground around I think. Save gas.

  2. Hmmm… a new game to kill time.

  3. puzzle…puzzle..more fun than math is fun rite?

  4. To solve level 12…..
    Just a hint:
    You have tor bring up the blue blocks up to the brown onws.
    There is nothing in the levels you do not use; think about the laser beam….