Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is out!

Ubuntu 8.04Hahaha. I am so excited because right now I am upgrading my Ubuntu to the latest Ubuntu version 8.04 codename Hardy Heron. If you want to upgrade your Ubuntu from 7.10 or from other earlier version to 8.04, just follow the instructions here.

So far, the download process is running smooth and fast. This is my first time upgrading my Ubuntu. Maybe that is why I am so excited. But I have to wait for 5 hours (maybe more) for the download process to finish because my connection is unstable and I hope it will not disconnect during the upgrading process.

I can’t wait to test the new features in Ubuntu 8.04. As I mentioned earlier, there are many upgrades and new features in this new version. You can learn more about the new features here. Hurm…I wonder what is the first thing that I want to test after the upgrade is finished? *wink*

So guys, the time has come. This is the time for the upgrade. Download it now or request the free CD. 😀


  1. Did you upgrade success? Is it fast enough to do internet upgrading?

  2. Success! 😀 Now I running from Ubuntu 8.04. But there is a problem with my Compiz. I can’t enable the setting. Maybe there is a conflict between my graphic card with Hardy.

    The download took about 6 hours. 🙂

  3. Hmm. I am really looking forward to have a partition running Ubuntu in the near future. Smooth upgrade eh?