iWebtool predicts PR6 for CypherHackz.Net

Have you checked your website’s PR prediction? Yesterday while I was surfing around the Internet, Google PR slipped into my mind. And quickly I went to iWebtool PageRank Prediction to find out what is my PR on the next PR update.

After I entered my website URL, I click on the check button. The result is, iWebtool predicts that I will get PR6 (6.2) on the next PR update. The accuracy is 83.2% with 65 345 backlinks.

So far, iWebtool predictions are always correct. I have been using it since I got my first PR and until now I always got what it predicts. But who knows, maybe this time it has some errors in calculating the PR and give the wrong prediction. I hope it is not.

I was once got PR6 and it dropped to PR5 and then went down to N/A. After that it jumps to PR3 and hopefully it will get PR6 on the next cycle. But when you get PR6, the chance for it to go down is big. It is easy to get higher PR but to maintain it is really tough.

So how about you? Have you checked your PR prediction yet? Try it and let me know what will your next PR. If you want to increase your backlinks, maybe you would like to submit to my Need Backlinks Web Directory.


  1. That kind of tool didn’t work for me. Currently my PR is 2..but pagerank prediction showing up 0 Instead..

  2. Sometimes it does not work like what it should do. It happened to me so many times.

  3. I got 4 for my site. The tool predicts 0 (gasp!)

  4. Even my PR was 5. Then it got 4, then 3 and currently 0 . It is predicting it to be 6 this time . Lets see if it comes true or not.

  5. Maybe the calculation (at iwebtool) based on backlinks only while google use other calculation.

  6. the prediction are not accurate for my website, every time also get lower result

  7. iwebtool often goes berzek for my blogs….Its not as accurate – often overstates.