Fight back Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search 2008 emails using GMail

Today I received more than 40 emails with the title, “Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search 2008” because of the silly mistake made by the crew. It is really disturbing when the email keeps coming again and again. If you marked the email as spam, it will not work because the sender is always different because it was sent by among the participants. Only those who participates the Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search 2008 know what other participants’ email.

Because of that, I defend my email using GMail secret weapon, the filters. The filters is use to filter emails based on the conditions you have set at ealier time. If one of the conditions is true, GMail will automatically do the next action whether starred the email, apply the label, delete the email, etc.

To filter your GMail is simple. Go to Settings > Filters > Create a new filter. Then enter “Dotcom Youth” (without the quotes) for the Subject and click Next Step. After that, tick Mark as read. You can choose to Delete if you want though but I think it is ok to leave them in the inbox as long as the emails does not been highlighted in our inbox.

Now, seat back and relax. Let the emails coming. You can read the emails if you want or you can just leave the GMail filters do it’s job.


  1. Aku lak pakai yahoo register situ..Siot tul..Gmail senang sikit nak filter..

  2. Hua3. Lain kali gune la Gmail. Lagi senang. Hu3.

  3. Tu lah pasal..Aku dua2 gune.. Tapi yahoo nih zaman sekolah nyer pakai.. Mane tau Gmail nil lagi..:))