The YouthMalaysia Crew reveals our emails?

I got an email today which was sent by The YouthMalaysia Crew for the Dotcom Youth Search Award. It is just an invitation email for the award night. I found that email in my spam box. Heh!


What I don’t like about this email is, its reveal other participants email address in it. There are about 50 email addresses found in the email. Some might think that it is not a big deal. Just email addresses. What you should care about it?

Okay, let me give you a situation. What will happen if these email addresses fall to spammers? Will you feel happy when you got hundreds or thousands of spams in your email?

Although Gmail or Yahoo or other email providers can protect your inbox from spams but some emails might get sneak into your inbox. Let say the percentage of successful spams get into your inbox is 1% and in daily you receive about 300 spam emails. So theorically you will get 3 spam emails in your inbox. Then, how about if we times it with 7 days for a week. You will get about 21 spam emails in your inbox. Then, how about in a month? The number will increase.

Then, think about this. How much money the spammers will get by spamming our email? And how much they can earn if they sell these participants emails to other spammers?


  1. Hari tu aku nampak hang kt Century..hahaha…aku pn UTM gak…selamat berblog..ubuntu ko ok?ubuntu aku x ok..internet tadak kt kolej 10..

  2. Erks! Kau UTM gak ke? Hu3. Ubuntu ok je. Takde masalah pun setakat ni. 😀

  3. wondering why they did not send the email one by one instead of mass mailing it…malas ka?

    ubuntu aku kat k10 ok jek
    tapi tenet tade kahkahahah,skrang baru nak ada

  4. Don’t need spammers. You only need one of these mofos to get infected by a worm, then the rest is history.

  5. #novatech – Maybe they are malas. Not sure la brader. Hu3.

    #SF – Then to whose should we blame? 😉

  6. too many amateurs..

    mesti BCC pun tak reti guna.

  7. Ape kate kite sepam reramai email owner youth mesia nie.. Bengang aku email makin masuk2 nie tak tau nak berenti lak.. Tah hape2..Ingat pro dah.. Nasib baik aku tak support bende nie dari dulu..

  8. Hey guys.

    On behalf of the organizing committee I deeply apologize for the slip-up on our end. Our team got over-excited in the course of blasting out the emails. Apologies once again.

    Anyway, good luck for the Awards!

  9. Next time don’t make this happen again. It is really disturbing getting so many emails from someone that we don’t know.

  10. kalau dia betul2 appreciate blogger, dia akan hantar special email one by one.. bukan mass email.. kalau call diorang boleh buat, kenapa email tak boleh.. sampai jadi masalah cipan macam ni….

    kalau mass email je, berat sangat aku nak gi.. dah la call cakap cam cina mabuk..

  11. 😉 thanks

  12. very interesting information.. thanks