Get more traffics from Stumbleupon

I know many of you have registered with Stumbleupon. I also already have the account. You can see my Stumbleupon page at I am not a good stumbler but I use Stumbleupon just to find interesting websites which have been stumbled by other Stumbleupon members.

But do you know how many traffic you will get if your post got stumbled by someone? One of my post was once stumbled and the traffics I got was very extremely high. Over 5000 hits I received on that day. It was the first time I got 5000 traffics just in one day.

How to get stumbled?

Good content. Yes, that is the answer for that simple question. Write a good content and your post might get stumbled by someone who likes your post.

But how good is a good content is? It is depend on the way the reader see your writing. Some might look your writing is dull and not interesting but some might think that your post is very helpful. Very informative and energetic. Therefore, you need to write something that is far way better and unique than the others.

Is there is another way to get stumbled?

Yes, it is. You can stumble your own post if you want but here is another way to do it. When you joined into Stumbleupon community, you can invite others to be your friends. At the time I writing this article, I only have 42 friends in my list (Hope I will get more friends after this). But some of my Stumbleupon friends have more than hundreds. Maybe they are popular and that is why they have many friends. But why do we need friends in Stumbleupon? Why do we need many friends?

Other than building a blogger network, you can send the post that you want to get stumbled to them. It can be done via Stumbleupon toolbar. JohnTP has wrote about it in his article, Increase Web Traffic using Stumbleupon. For me, it is likely spamming others but it will help you getting more stumbles and traffics to your website when your friends stumble it.

Although I did it twice but I don’t think what I did was the right thing. I misuse the Stumbleupon toolbar. It is like begging someone to stumble your post so you will get high traffics. The “Send to” function is use for sharing quality and interesting website with others and not to show your post to your friends and ask them to stumble and get high traffics from it. That is totally wrong.

So, which one is the best way?

Just write your post as usual. Make a valuable post. Make it interesting and not too dull with words. Put your emotions when you type. People will stumble your post if they see the value it contains. Keep in mind that, although your website is not popular, your writing is suck like me, but one day, people will recognise you. People will know who you are, what your website is about and how interesting your website is.

As time goes by, you will learn a lot of these things. You will know that write a good content is the best way to get traffics. For me, the traditional way is always the best. After all, I wish you good luck in blogging. Hope you will get the high traffics you want.


  1. wow, thanx dude for this article. before this i also got about one thousand visitor from stumbleupon for my two days born blog..kahkahkahh

  2. Care to tell which one of your post got 5000 hit?

  3. #ramzy0 – No problem buddy. 🙂

    #tk2 – Here is the link:

  4. Yep, stumble can get you a rush of visits.
    How do they click on ads? In my experience traffic from stumble is not so good for clicking….

  5. Agree. Usually those who come to your blog from stumbleupon or digg will not click on the ads because many of them are bloggers and they know by clicking ads will bring money to the writer. 😉

  6. How much time this page got stumbled so you got those 5000 visitors?

  7. Not sure how much. But I think you can check from the review page. 🙂

  8. stumbleupon is not just to get a click to your ads. Its one of the way to get a good rank in SE and also increase the traffic. Get your site well known using stumbleupon.

  9. good info bro.. nice site u have.. keep it up.. !!

  10. useful inforation

  11. Great article. I agree with you about traditionals ways. It is and always be the best way to get things done.


  12. thanks fo the info

  13. But the problem is vsitior not clik our ads…
    so… it’s useless althought we have huge traffic

  14. Saya akan coba saran anda, terima kasih.