7 reasons why you should use Ubuntu?

I have been using Ubuntu for 4 days now. It makes me addicted to it. Almost of the time I am running Ubuntu on my PC. It likes Ubuntu is my default OS now. Hahaha. But, have you ever try Ubuntu yet? Ubuntu is free though. You can download the latest version or you can get a free copy of the installation disc. The installation disc is also can be used for live CD which mean you can use Ubuntu without need to install it.

But I really do not recommend you to try Ubuntu from the live CD. I am more prefer for you to install it right away. If you using the live CD, everything is slow. That is why I don’t like Ubuntu when my first time using it — from the live CD.

But after I installed it into my machine, wow! I really enjoy it. I have learn many things. Do the typing, download the updates, find the tweaks, solve problems, and many things. I am sure you will feel more enjoy to use Ubuntu like this way rather than using the live CD version.

So why you should use Ubuntu? I know you might not use Ubuntu for a long time period but at least you try and feel how power this Ubuntu is. Don’t use Ubuntu from the live CD. Install it right away into your partition.

1. Ubuntu is free. Everyone love free things right? So do I. Ubuntu is release for free. Anybody can download it freely from their server. If you don’t have high speed connection, you can request to get free Ubuntu CD from them. You will receive the CD about two weeks from the request date depending on where you live.

2. Use less resources. Yup, even your low-end PC can use Ubuntu. Ubuntu does not need high RAM, high CPU speed, bigger hard disk space. Everything is neat and small. Even Ubuntu has released Xubuntu. A lite Ubuntu edition that works perfectly on a low-end PC.

3. Has nice GUI and effect. I was having problem with my graphic card. Ubuntu was not recognize it. But after I did some research at the Ubuntu community and I found the solution. Then, do you know what happen after I get my graphic card recognized? Watch the video below.

But the video is not done by me. Just want to show you the effect that I can do with my Ubuntu. Cool isn’t it?

4. Not difficult and not for geek only. Ubuntu is not difficult to use. Some peoples think that you need to know programming to use Ubuntu. It is really unacceptable reason. Ubuntu is not for geek. Ubuntu is for human being. If you have problem, just search for the solution. Need a software, there are many softwares available in the Add/Remove. Just choose which application that you want, tick it and download. Ah, I forgot to mention that using an open source operating system, you need to have good speed internet connection (broadband is recommended) because you will need to download this and that to make your Ubuntu works perfectly. But still, it is not difficult.

5. Tweak and get faster internet connection. In Windows, we can tweak our system to get faster connection. It can be done using a third party software, which mean, you need to buy it. In Ubuntu, you also can tweak your system with free of charge. And your internet will go more faster than in Windows. This is my experience. So I know. I did some tweaking based from the guide at the community and I can surf the internet faster than before. Plus with the tweaking that I made in Firefox, my web browsing connection speed becomes greater. I do not know how to say what I feel about the speed. Really impressive. But take note, you can actually do a lot more than this. Not just tweaking your connection only.

6. No viruses. I was looking to get an antivirus for my Ubuntu but hey, you do not need antivirus for Ubuntu. Why? Because Ubuntu is safe from viruses, trojans and so on. But I hope it will be safe for ever. In fact, win32 viruses can’t infect your Ubuntu system because first, the virus is code to attack Windows. Second, in Ubuntu, you need to enter your password if you want to do super user task like modifying system files, eg: copy, delete, edit. Viruses need to have super user privileges so they can modify the system settings. But if you want to install antivirus, you can use Avast. And maybe you would like to read this article about antivirus in Linux.

7. The community is big and helpful. Everyone will has a problem when they first time using Ubuntu. But don’t afraid. Ubuntu has big community that will help you. But make sure you do your search first. Here is a Google tip that I use to get good result.

In the Google search box, type “ubuntu your problem text here” (without the quotes). Then choose links that will direct to ubuntuforums.org. By using this tip, it will reduce your time to search in the forum. For an example, enter “ubuntu huawei e220” (without the quotes). But you must choose good keyword for better result.

I know there are many reasons why you should use Ubuntu. If you want to share your experience using Ubuntu, you can share it using the comment form below. Share your reason why you should use Ubuntu.


  1. G, u use dual OS or just ubuntu? Next week help me with my capstone. Huhu.. I have one prob. The wireless connection here is 7 bar. But still cannot install some mp3 codec from ubuntu internet. Feel free to drop by. Ok. Your help is very much appreciated. 🙂

    P/S : Dh smpi utm lom?

  2. 1. Where is the word GNU/Linux there? I cant see it

    2. Thats true.

    3. Thats totally true because the user has the choire to change on the fly themes, icons, cursors, wallpapers and other widget styles, plus compositing effects and finally useful toolbars and desklets.

    4. True. Ubuntu Linux that is.

    5. True you can optimize your internet connection. But you can do this in Windows as well even without a third party commercial/freeware (i have seen some) tools by directly editing the registry.

    6. True.

    7. Yeap! Thats really nice. The community is indeed very helpful.

  3. Yes.. i agree , but i think we should be aware of virus now, Yes ubuntu (Linux Family) is more secure than our neighborhood OS, but now many virus developers trying to attack our beloved Linux, and Ubuntu is Linux ..

  4. congrats bro…. im already dload Gutsy Gibbons but need to clean my HDD to create new partition for it….izzit ur 1st blog posting using opensource OS???

    hehe lets make en. gates pening kepala…!!!

  5. congrats bro…. im already dload Gutsy Gibbons but need to clean my HDD to create new partition for it….izzit this ur 1st blog posting using opensource OS??? hehe lets make en. gates pening kepala…!!!

  6. To mriza:

    How on earth is this gonna happen? 99.9% if not 100 of additional software to your installed system is downloaded from the official repositories which pass through huge testing and verification for users to download so there is no need of using antivirus software.

    If me for example want to write some malicious to give to you thats the most easy to do:

    rm -rf /

    and make it a bash script. And I tell you this is super duper software. You might run it but each time you are being asked the root’s password so there is no possibility that something will happen without the superuser’s permission (you could be the superuser or the administrator)

    So the answer is noone is trying to attack Linux because:

    1. its a hacker’s favorite os!

    2. its secure by design.

    3. the repositories are secured.

    4. every security hole thats is discovered is immediatelly fixed.

    and many more reasons.

  7. I am still new in Linux distro. So I do not know much about Ubuntu. But so far, I think Linux (in our discussion is Ubuntu) is secure from viruses. Yup, the softwares are all free from viruses because they are maintain by the community. If a virus or malicious script is found, the community will remove the file immediately. That is why I put the community is helpful on number 7. Know what? I am very happy with Ubuntu. Feel safe! 😉

  8. It looks awesome, I will definitely try it when I get the time.
    Need to search for a way to dual boot with Vista though.

    If you have a link for it send me a mail please

  9. My experience: I spent more than 3 hours looking for USB wireless adapter driver for my pc. The manual said that it support linux but it’s just simply out of date.


  10. #Alfred – There is a website that guides you on how to make dual boot Vista and Ubuntu. I can’t remember the link. Found it while I was looking for a tutorial to dual boot XP and Ubuntu.

    #tk2 – If you want to use Ubuntu, make sure that you 99% know how to setup your modem in Ubuntu. Because it will save you a lot of time from having to switch between Ubuntu and WinXP.

  11. Ubuntu for me is far away better from the newly released Vista. No virus, great support, free, great community and a breath of fresh air. I’ve used some other distros last time but i must say Ubuntu us the most user friendly and easy to install of them all.

  12. The best thing I can say is their community. If you have problems, just ask it at the forum. There will be many members help you.

  13. Ubuntu is very user friendly, I had it completely up and running within less than a day with full surround sound support, all my firefox plugins, all the applications I use, etc.

    There is no reason not to use Ubuntu. 😀

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