Direct Downloads from Googlepages

I know many of you have Gmail account and make it as your primary email or at least just use it as for testing purposes (some peoples love to have many emails just for nothing). But did you know by having a Gmail account you can use Googlepages and make it as files storage?

What I like the most about Googlepages is I can upload files to Google server and I can direct download the files without any problem. Although the space is limited, only 100Mb is allowed but it does not bother me.

I have some mp3 files that I want to stream on my other website. I don’t want to upload it on my server because if peoples found out the links, they will download the mp3 files and suck up my bandwidth. I don’t like that. But thanks to Googlepages because it allows me to upload the mp3 files and I can stream directly from their server.

If you have files that you want to share and don’t want to upload it to your server, you can use Googlepages. Use your Gmail account to login and upload as many files as you want. Share the download links and no need to worry about getting suspended by your hosting provider.

But remember, Google only provides 100Mb of space. You cannot use more than that. But you still have 50 more Gmail invitation accounts right? So use them and get another 5Gb (50 x 100Mb) spaces. Lol… Don’t be so greedy!


  1. You can create GMAIL accounts as many as you wish.

  2. Does that mean i can,say upload tvants or sopcast to google and stream a movie or footie match using there servers

  3. I am not sure whether you can streaming video from Googlepages but what I know is, we can streaming mp3 files directly from Googlepages.