Wubi – The fastest and easiest way to install Ubuntu

I really want to use Ubuntu. Even though I already got the free CDs (read this post on how you can get free Ubuntu CDs) since version 5.10 but I still not yet install Ubuntu on my computer. Psst…btw I have the latest Ubuntu version 7.10. There are 15 CDs left. Who want one? Lol…

While I was looking for something that is interesting about Ubuntu, I found this cool application that will install Ubuntu directly from your Windows. No need to do partitioning, no need to smash your head to do the Ubuntu setup, the only thing that you need is, Wubi.

Wubi is a Ubuntu installer that will install Ubuntu from your Windows. Which means, you can install Ubuntu exactly like you install games or other applications in Windows. And if you don’t like it, you can uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs.

The above Youtube video is about how you can do dual boot Ubuntu with your Windows XP by using Wubi. The great explanation and step by step taken was shown clearly in this video.

If you encountered problem while using Wubi, there is a support forum available for you. There, you can discuss, share your problems or even you can give your opinion about Wubi and Ubuntu it self. Not to forget, this great Wubi is released for free.

Download Wubi Installer


  1. tul ke wubi tu…dia download installer yg besar tu ke…?atau masuk cd gak…

  2. I think it download the Ubuntu from the Internet. Not the CD.

  3. Wow..
    Thank you…
    I was cracking my head how to install the Ubuntu without partitioning..

  4. thanks for this info..
    i wrote something about this at my blog and link it to this article.

  5. Kesh – No problem buddy. 🙂

    melayubuntu – Your nick is interesting but when pronounce it correctly like saying Melayu Buntu. :p

  6. thanks a lot. aku pun cam ko. tak berani nak install ubuntu tapi teringin sangat nak install. thanks introduce wubi ni.

  7. hmm. another way is installing it via vmware i guess.

  8. nice, downloading. testing wubi. thanks.

  9. #ikoko – But it will directly download from Ubuntu server. So I think it will take times to install it.

    #Syahid Ali – You need to have high RAMs if you want to have vmware.

    #e9f – No problem. 🙂

  10. i’am having problem when installing wubi 7.10, the installation currently stuck at 50%..

    anyone have same problem with me???

  11. O wow…..someone did an article and featured my vid……..thanks hope you all enjoy it

  12. No problem mate. Best thing must get featured here. 🙂

  13. if you already have the cd, wubi will automaticaly create iso image and install it. if u dont have the cd, wubi will donwload it and install.