Protect PHP files with Free PHP Encoder

Free PHP Encoder should become useful. Because for me as a WordPress theme coder don’t like users to remove my link from the footer. I really hate them (not really but don’t like) when they remove my link and make like the theme was made by them. So, to protect the PHP file from being edited by the users, I have encrypted the file so they can’t edit the footer file. But, how do I do that?

I use an encoder to encrypt and lock the file. Free PHP Encoder will encrypt the source code and can only be decoded when the users request the file from their internet browsers. Although they can request the file, but they can’t modify it. Even I can’t retrieve back the source code if I lost the original file. So with this encryption, your link on the footer will be safe.

To use Free PHP Encoder, you need to enter your email address so they can send the Login ID that you can use to login to their system. Once you login to the website, you can upload your files and let them encrypt your PHP files. The best thing is, the encrypted file works in all web servers like Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX and others.

So, if you are a WordPress theme coder and want to protect your link, you can use this Free PHP Encoder and encode your footer.php file. Good luck! 🙂


  1. thanks.. i’ve search it for months..

  2. you are welcome. 🙂

  3. lol, sorry bro

    ari tu srious tgh test theme and do some tries n errors on the coding, lol

    nice theme, but didnt suit me, i guess.., :d

    now, im reading ur post on how to code one (theme)
    nice, keep it up, put some more tips ifu have any 😉

  4. ha3. i asked you to put back the sponsors link because the sponsors paid me. so i must take good care of their links. :d

  5. wow man , this thing is cool , a must have tool for every designer and programmer ..

  6. As much as I see that this is an useful tool, it is also a fact that sponsors links aren’t exactly attractive. I would readily credit the designer every time but giving free links to some shady sponsors is not what I prefer. Just my opinion though!

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    yup. but sponsors sponsor the theme though. he3. that is why i need to protect their links too. 🙂

  8. I think people who steal are lazy so making it difficult to steal is a good move. However, if they are gonna steal it, they’ll steal it anyhow with whatever way they can find. :-\”

  9. Akhirnya, bertemu juga aku dengan benda yang aku cari selama nih..cayalah bro!

  10. Ashrufzz – The purpose I use this PHP encoder is to protect my sponsored links and my link on the WordPress themes that I code.

    eches – Hu3. No problem brader.

  11. i just try to encode my footer.php (for wordpress theme) using that, but, after encode the footer does’t appear at my web. Can you help me? Thanks.

  12. It should be no problem at all. Maybe there was some mistake when you paste the code in the form. Please try it again. 🙂

  13. I’ve been looking for an encoder for my themes and came across your site.

    If you’re using the online version, this is base64 which is really easy to reverse…but it is better then nothing.

    Did you actually buy the program and use the standalone version which requires extra files for optimal encryption or are you using the online version?

  14. I don’t think people will do so hard to reverse process. I just use the free online version. 🙂

  15. What’s your opinion, do you feel most people remove the links if they are not encoded?

    I’ve been looking at the themes of some of the top designers that take the opposite approach and don’t encode their links. Yahoo shows hundreds of thousands of backlinks for some of their domains.

  16. Thanks a lot man, I found it very valuable

  17. Thank you very much

  18. Here ( some user states that resulting code (encrypted) contains links to malware.
    Do you know any way to verify code after encrypting?


  19. Hmm… How about CSS Encryption? That’s very cool now I can protect my link on my footer, but how to make my CSS source code protected too?

  20. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! ^^,

    You have solved all my php related problems!!!
    Now i can let my cilents host their websites where ever they want instead of insisting to host it myself!! 🙂

  21. Thank you so much!! Been looking for this! 🙂

  22. Baker Salah says:

    Thanks in advance !

  23. This is too simple to decode back. If you look your encoded code then you see that there is eval() function at the end. If you use it separately then you can get simply the orignial code.