Need a WordPress theme coder?

Many peoples want to make their own WordPress theme but they don’t know how to make one. I have make a nice and simple tutorial on how to make your own WordPress theme but if you are lazy to read, maybe you need my service. :d

I can help you code your WordPress theme design with low prices. Many of my clients are happy with my service. Usually I can code a theme in one day but usually less than 12 hours (my record is 4 hours). But currently, I only can code at night because at daylight, I have industrial training at a hosting company.

Here are some of my themes that I designed and coded by myself.

The price is depends on your design. If the design is too complex and has many images, so the price will be higher. But I promise, it will not that expensive.

Each theme will:

  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Widget ready
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Clean and fast loading
  • Make you happy with my work 😉

All payments must via Paypal (balance only). Unless if you are Malaysian, you can pay me directly via online banking to my bank account.

If you have a design and want me to code it, just send me a preview of your design to my email and I will say the price. If you agree with the price, then we can continue our discuss and I can start coding your WordPress theme. 🙂


  1. ni sume theme yg ko wat ke..? takpe a.. kang aku wat rujukan.. aku pun tgh dok study lagi mende ni. bile tah nak mahir

  2. the USD15 theme buyed by MENJ to his fiancee

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    hu3. aah. theme2 yang aku buat. :)>-

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    lol… :p

  4. Nape tak buat theme free? Boleh menyumbang dan promosi sekali.. :d

  5. memang dah ada theme yang direlease untuk free. leh gi check kat 🙂