Stop using Firefox 1.5. Get Firefox 2.0

Why you still using Firefox 1.5 even new version Firefox (more about Firefox) is available?

I agree with the step taken by Mozilla. They said that the recent update to Firefox 1.5 is the last updates. No more updates for Firefox 1.5 after this. Instead, they also include a prompt to download Firefox which allow user to upgrade to Firefox 2.0.

For me, if there is new update available, I will go for it. Usually, latest update has new security fixes and new features. But I agree, sometimes, there are still exist minor and major problems. But at least, it give me more protections. Am I right? 😉

For those who are still using Firefox 1.5 and decided to download Firefox 2.0, you can download it directly from the link below. Or you can download it from their official FTP site.

Download Firefox

Mozilla says Firefox 1.5 is dead [via The Inquirer]


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